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Melda Production Release MeldwayGrand For MSoundFactory

Melda Production have released MeldwayGrand, a beautifully realistic, dynamic, and unbelievably customizable with plenty of effects, mic positions, and even a creative section, making this a great sound design tool too! It’s available at the intro price of €49.00, increasing to €99.00 after the promotion. The offer ends November 30th. It’s available FREE to MSoundFactory and MSoundFactory LE users. 

Only a few pianos deserve to be sampled, and Steinway D is one of the best, this one especially. It’s huge, so the low keys sound perfect. It’s silky smooth and dynamic. Melda Production captured every detail with the best gear you could find and paired it with our modern technologies, invented specially for this. It’s a virtual piano made by piano enthusiasts for themselves!

Melda Procuction just couldn’t help themselves to get as much from the piano as possible. Melaway Grand can be more dynamic than the original. Great for classical music, ambient emotional stuff, soundtracks, you name it. Meldway Grand lets you reverberate the sympathetic resonances producing an unbelievable sound for every emotional genre, something you just won’t be able to shake off. It can be dark for soundtracks, or it can be bright for pop. It lets you control every mic, simulate partial sustain pedalling, play sympathetic resonances even without sustain and much more.

Meldway Grand comes with 7 stereo microphones with various controls for each, from volume to formants and detuning. First, there’s the classic mic stereo pair, which just works every time and is perfectly centred and wide. If you have ever played such a magnificent piano, you know the indescribable feeling of being surrounded by the wall of the piano sound. That’s what the head mic simulates, and it’s as close as it gets to getting that feeling with the current technology. Then there are the 2 pairs of ultra-close mics for the “in your face” sound often used in pop and rock. Ball mic is kind of like the head but inside the piano. Brauner mics produce the widest stereo image you could get from a piano. And, of course, we experimented too – a pair of mics on the ground? That cannot work! Well, it does, apparently!

Who says that a piano has to sound like a piano? Try the Creative tab with resonators, filters, FM and much more… It’s crazy versatile and the results are a great blend between natural and artificial. Change the order of the effects or use the randomizer to start your creative thinking.

Of course, you need a reverb! So how about a set of 25 different algorithmic reverbs created especially for this piano? Then there’s a delay, sonic enhancer, compressor… well and bellizer, distortion, and rotary may not be the first thing to use with a piano, but you know, it’s a sound design tool too!

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