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A Whopping 78% Off The Vapour Collection By Karanyi Sounds

Plugin Boutique are offering over 78% off the Vapour Collection by Karanyi Sounds for a limited time, now only £16.00 / $17.87, (usually £79.00 / $88.25 if purchase separately). The offer ends October 31st.

Vapour Keys 1

Unleash your 90s nostalgia! Karanyi Sounds are proud to introduce Vapor Keys: a collection of great-sounding FM Electric Piano sample library + an inspiring collection of dreamlike keyboard instruments for Kontakt. It can sound sweet and naive, bright, bold, harsh, trashy, lush & sexy, spacy, or even dark and gloomy. Vapor Keys includes 3 deep-sampled classic and modern FM, algorithmic, and wavetable synth sources in 1 pack.

Features include:

  • 19 deep-sampled instrument patches (9 Electric Pianos & 14 Vapor Pianos) from 2 classic FM, algorithmic, and a modern wavetable synth: Yamaha DX7, TX81z, and an Arturia MicroFreak
  • 100 full-scale Kontakt presets for music production
  • Equipment used: Neve 1073 Preamp + Roland Dimension D + Studer A800
  • 1 700+ samples with 24bit / 48kHz sample rate​
  • 3 GB lossless compressed size (6 GB original size)
  • With NCW Lossless compressed sample

Vapour Keys 2

Remember those shiny, glitchy, vintage sounds and waving synthesizer beds from the 90s TV ads and videogames?

Or the melting themes from movies like Miami Vice, Beverly Hills, or GTA Vice City? Well, Vapor Keys 2 instantly brings you back in time: a unique Kontakt 6 collection of carefully recorded FM and analog classics. Taste the luxury of the 90s.

Features include:

  • Over 70 deep-sampled instrument patches from 5 classic synths (Super JV, Juno 106, JX, 8P & Yamaha DX11)
  • 90+ full-scale factory presets for any kind of music production from modern electronic music to scoring
  • 4 Easy-to-Access FX (2 EQ, Phaser & Chorus)
  • Full analog recording path
  • Recorded in 96kHz, 24bit (converted to 48kHz, 24bit for Kontakt 6)
  • 1.6 GB total size (3.1 GB uncompressed)

The Vapour Collection requires a full version of Kontakt 6.2.2 or later.

For more information on the Vapour Collection and to compare prices, click here:

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