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AuroraDSP Price Drop Mammoth and Rhino

AuroraDSP have reduced the price of the iOS versions of Mammoth – Bass Amp and Rhino – Guitar Amp Sim for a limited time. Mammoth is ot only $8.99, (usually $18.99). Rhino has been reduced to $11.99, (usually $22.99).

Mammoth – Bass Amp

Mammoth is a powerful yet intuitive bass plugin featuring two-band signal processing that includes a bass maximizer, 3 types of drive, a tone stack, cabinet simulations and much more.

We designed Mammoth with simplicity and flexibility in mind. It’s made for artists, producers and engineers alike.

Rhino – Guitar Amp Sim

  • 7 Sections – Everything you need for your guitar
  • INPUT – noise gate, 3 signal characteristics, low-pass filtering
  • PREAMP – 4 preamp models, 4 pedal boosters with separate blending, 3-band tone stack2-band filtering
  • PREAMP EFFECTS – 4 pedal boosters,separate blending
  • EQ with Tone Matching – 4-band graphic equalizerTone matching with 3 different tone types
  • MOD FX – flanger, chorus,phaser
  • TIME FX -echo, 3 delays, algorithm reverb,convolution reverb,
  • CAB – 4-file impulse response mixerPower Amp module with 3 characteristics
  • OUTPUT – low-end dynamics controller limiter
  • TUNER – Accurate, fast tuning

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