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AuroraDSP Release The Everything Bundle

AuroraDSP have released the Everything Bundle. As its name suggests, the bundle includes their entire desktop plugin range. The bundle includes 5 plugins and is available for $219.00.

The Bundle includes Mammoth, a powerful yet intuitive bass plugin featuring two-band signal processing that includes a bass maximizer, 4 types of drive, a tone stack, cabinet simulations and much more. 

Gorilla – Different monsters for different genres: the Gorilla plugin includes 3 preamps and the simulation of 3 studio standard bass amps. 

Rhino – A powerful guitar plugin that rises to the challenge. From delicate, clean tones, all the way to the heaviest wall of sound filling the entire mix. Rhino advances a proven formula, containing everything that’s needed to achieve a wide spectrum of guitar sound, all within a single plugin. 

Mr. Hector – The craftsmanship of Hardware Amplifiers meets the versatility of DSP. And it all starts with Mr. Hector a well-known and universally loved boutique amplifier from Laboga. Digitally recreated. Tuned to perfection. Every detail profiled for accurate, familiar sound. 

The 510EQ is a lightweight, plugin modeled on the famous American equalizer used as 500 modules boosted with a vintage output transformer for smooth drive and color.

The bundle is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on the Everything Bundle, click here:

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