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Cableguys Release ShaperBox 3 With Black Friday Pricing

Cableguys have unleashed the 3rd installment in the highly successful and versatile ShaperBox plugin collection. Version 3 finds a number of new additions plus special Black Friday Pricing for a limited time. ShaperBox 2 is available for only $/€89.00, increasing to $/€301.00 after the promotion. If you already have an earlier version, log in to your account to see your upgrade price

ShaperBox is a box of many must-have, well organised tools for sound design and even mixing. Multiband filter on basic effects makes them sound absolutely the new different way and inspirational. The ‘Time’ function is my favourite. For sidechain, I use the VolumeShaper, every day. ShaperBox is your go-to tool for rhythmic inspiration, musical motion, and mixing magic.

Nine powerful Cableguys Shaper effects come together in one easy, modern interface. The FX include Time, Drive, Noise, Liquid, Filter, Crush, Volume, Pan and Width Shapers come together in ShaperBox 3.

Experience analogue-like filters, timewarped stutters, multiband distortion, future phaser/flanger FX, punchy compression, super-tight sidechain ducking, mid-side expansion, dynamic noise layering, lo-fi bitcrushing, and much more.

What’s new in version 3

  • Easier waveform editing – Animate any effect over time with our easiest ever waveform-editing tools. Create curved, stepped, or ramped FX patterns in seconds, and bring rhythmic life to your music.
  • Following any rhythms – Now you can trigger all 9 ShaperBox effects with any sound, for reactive time-twists, distortion envelopes, filter plucks, transient design, and any other triggered FX you can imagine.
  • Triggers from any track – Want to duck your bass with VolumeShaper, but the kick isn’t 4×4? No problem! Just turn on the External Sidechain Input and Audio Triggering follows any kick rhythm. And it’s not only for ducking basslines. Want to trigger a bitcrushing pattern on your synth every time the snare hits? Now you can.
  • External side-chain view – See your kick drum overlaid on the bassline with VolumeShaper’s new Show External Sidechain feature. Draw the perfect ducking curve to match the contour of your kick, and lock your lows together like never before.
  • LiquidShaper – Dive deep into sound design! LiquidShaper gives you wild jet-plane flanging and deep, lush phasing in one Shaper. Create gentle stereo modulations… or monstrous robotic comb filter FX.
  • Enhanced browser – Find your sound in a few clicks with more than 600 cleverly categorised presets. Filter by Shaper, save your faves, and find your custom presets.

ShaperBox 3 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on ShaperBox 3 and to compare prices, click here:

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