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Noon Instruments Release Toska

Noon Instruments have released Toska, a palette of evolving, atmospheric textures created from multi-layered, imperfect performances. It’s available at the intro price of £69.00, increasing to £89.00 after the promotion. The offer ends November 25th.

Toska is a unique combination of analog synths, brass, strings, winds, vocals and field recordings have been heavily processed to create a collection of immediate, contemporary sounds.

The source material is carefully curated to offer depth, movement and colour to modern composition.

Toska’s presets are grouped into 3 banks:


The Instrument Bank has 83 unique patches consisting of multi-layered, processed sound sources. Evocative pads and soundscapes create a feeling of fragility and instability, often with pitch, filter and stereo modulation present at the sample level. This modulation develops over extended periods allowing for unpredictable performances even when pressing a single key.


The Relics Bank contains 27 patches that create an alternate sound world of warmth and nostalgia. Sound sources from the Instrument Bank have been re-recorded onto tape and cassette to form saturated, gritty textures, expanding Toska’s palette beyond the original material. The Relics remain largely untouched to preserve the patina generated by the process. Noise and warm distortion from the breaking signal transform the sounds into something more organic and human.


The Curated Presets Bank reimagines the source material and utilises Toska’s engine capabilities. Leads, pulses and more rhythmic patches offer new directions to explore, transforming sounds with effects and further modulation.

Toska requires a free ot full version of Kontakt 6.4.2 or later.

For more information on Toska, click here:

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