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98% Off The Drums Processing Bundle – Only £5.00 / $5.79

Plugin Boutique have an exclusive bundle deal on SoundSpot Drums Processing Bundle. £5.00 / $5.79. If the included plugins are purchased individually they would total £310.01 / $358.77. The offer ends October 31st.

Pick up this exclusive, limited-time bundle that contains SoundSpot’s FAT 2, KickBox, Percolate, Axis, Orbit & Evade plugins.


FAT 2 is a fab new creative filter plugin that is a long-awaited and requested revision of SoundSpot’s free plugin, FAT Filter. 

Due to FAT Filter’s popularity, SoundSpot thought it was only right that to set their Development guru’s the task of injecting a little mojo into a long-awaited re-build with added spice to make things nice.


The kick drum is the backbone of many modern music genres, both electronic and acoustic. It’s oftentimes the thing you start with in a new mix, but to get it sounding just right can be a complex task.

A well-mixed kick drum has a warm sounding low end, doesn’t sound too boxy and pierces through the mix in a very natural way. When designing KickBox, these are the qualities SoundSpot have focused on, simplifying the mixing process for any modern kick drum.

The KickBox is modelled after analogue filters and separates the relevant frequency ranges in a very transparent way. KickBox can help you get your kicks sounding extremely tight in a matter of just a few clicks.


Many modern music genres rely on groovy and danceable sounding drums and percussion. But because many drum and percussion loops come pre-mixed with different elements combined in a single track, it can be very difficult to make them work in a busy mix. Soundspot designed Percolate to help you separate and target the snare, hi-hat and percussion parts of such loops, providing you with an easy and fast workflow to create a balanced drum or percussion mix.

Percolate uses analogue modelled filters that separate the relevant frequency ranges in a very transparent way and can be used in combination with our KickBox plug-in to target the whole drum or percussion section in your mix.


The Axis is a combination of two of their most popular plugins, the MSW1 & Propane with the addition of a brand new upwards and downwards compressor that is capable of dual directional compression which can be both subtle and brutal. But it doesn’t end there! SoundSpot have made the whole unit multiband, for complete control over the incoming signal, allowing you to manipulate the audio to get punch, clarity, groove or sparkle without the need to load up a huge number of individual plugins.

The Axis linear phase has been made to be lightweight, so go wild… The only limit is your imagination. 


Transients are the life force of modern music, and sometimes when your instruments just won’t pop in the mix after Eq and compression, then it’s time to reach for a transient designer.

The Orbit is a simple & lightweight tool that will help boost your transients and add bite to your mixes, and whilst the interface may be basic, don’t let that fool you, under the hood you’ll find the same DSP used in SoundSpot’s Velo limiter, making the Orbit, a powerful little tool to add to your plugin arsenal.


The benefit of a frequency-based volume shaping plug-in is that you can create space in the mix by volume ducking only problem frequencies as opposed to the entire audio signal. This result is a more controlled and natural-sounding mix, which is preferred by most genres outside of electronic music. 

However, this doesn’t mean the EVADE volume shaper can’t be useful for electronic music production tasks, as the plug-in can still deliver conventional volume shaping in just a few clicks and also comes with a nifty mid/side balance control and unlinked start and endpoints which is extremely useful for audio that needs to duck but still retain a transient snap to cut through the mix.

The Drums Processing Bundle is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on the Drums Processing Bundle, click here:

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