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Chop N Dice By Delphi DSP Price Dropped For Halloween

Delphi DSP have reduced the price of Chop n Dice for Halloween, now available with 60% off, only $20.00, (usually $49.00). Use code SPOOKY60 at the checkout to claim the discount. The offer ends November 5th. There’s also a FREE lite version of Chop n Dice to download and use.

Anyone buying Chop n Dice our will be added to a mailing to be notified ahead of time when Delphi DSP launch any new plugin. Delpho DSP will also provide exclusive discount coupon codes for any of their upcoming products. They will also pick people randomly from this list to give away any of their forthcoming products for free.

Chop-n-Dice is Delphi DSPs very first product that they’ve released. It is a clipper plugin, but not just any clipper plugin. Delpho DSPs Chop-n-Dice clipper has some features that are not very commonly seen on any other clipper in the market.

Why do you need a clipper?

Having dynamic processors on the master bus is very common. These processors need to be fed a signal that is not too dynamic. Feeding a compressors with such a signal will make it work a lot harder and may create what is commonly called pumping effect. If it is a limiter it will just distort when the signal is pushed too much into it. This is where a clipper comes in.

Producers use clipper plugin to “chop” off the peaks of the audio (commonly transient heavy sounds like drums) before it hits a limiter or a compressor. Doing this eases the load on the limiter and also decreases the distortion that you get by pushing the limiter too hard. A good clipper is a must have for a Producer/Engineer in their arsenal of tools. Whether it be for increasing the over all RMS level of their track or for any creative purposes. Delphi DSP believes their Chop-n-Dice clipper will be a good tool for you to have.

About Chop n Dice

Chop n Dice has a user interface that could not be more simpler and straight forward. Looking at a plugin’s GUI it is common to imagine it as a box or a unit that changes the sound in a some way. The audio gets in this unit from the left end, it gets processed inside the unit and then it gets out from the right end.

Delphi DSP made Chop n Dice such that the workflow is similar to analogy. You have an input gain module in the left controlling the audio getting into the clipper unit. Then it goes through the side chain high pass filter (if the HPF control is enabled) and the clipper module where the actual processing happens. It is then mixed with the dry signal with a Mix module. And then finally it comes out of the plugin after being gain staged with an output gain module. Look at the picture below to understand the internal workings of the Chop n Dice.

Available Clipping Algorithms

  • Hard Clip
  • Variable Soft Clip
  • Foldback

Chop n Dice is available to PC users (VST3). A macOS version (VST3 and AU) is on it’s way.

For more information on Chop n Dice, click here:

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