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Riot Audio Release Ghoul

Riot Audio have released Ghoul, a cinematic instrument inspired by the best of contemporary elevated horror. Ghoul is available at the intro price of £29.00, increasing to £39.00 after the promotion. The offer ends November 23rd.

Ghoul is based on long, evolving performances of aleatoric violins and vocals, it contains 40 meticulously crafted long, medium and short ghostly textures. It’s great for horror/thriller genre scoring for games, film and TV, this deceptively simple library packs a big punch when it comes to evoking the supernatural.

The idea behind GHOUL is simple: to combine carefully crafted vocal and vocal-like sounds (e.g. a wiped frame drum) with a selection of atonal, aleatoric violin articulations, with filters, tuning and impulse response insert effects allowing for a broad range of horror-inspired sounds ranging from gently uncanny to outright terrifying.

GHOUL is built with two layers: “The Nether” (A) and “The Yonder” (B). The home screen is the master view and contains sound source selection menus for both layers, as well as an A/B balance slider for adjusting the balance between the two layers, and a volume knob (the Riot Audio logo) for gain adjustment of the individual patches. You’ll also notice the ghoul’s eyes gleaming if you adjust the modwheel – all patches are dynamically mapped to CC1 for smooth transitions, buildups and fine control of volume and presence.

GHOUL contains 13 aleatoric sound sources:

Vocal/Vocal-like Violin

  • Growl
  • Whisper
  • Moan
  • Frame Drum Wipe
  • Frame Drum Tickle
  • Harmonic Scrapes
  • String Taps
  • Scrapes
  • Body Taps
  • Detuned Cluster
  • Col Legno Irregular
  • Trem Irregular
  • Col Legno Tickles

Features include:

  • Custom sound design engine using state of the art Kontakt 6 capabilities
  • Two layers of sound: The Nether (A), The Yonder (B)
  • Source sounds: 8 aleatoric violin sounds (scrapes, body/string taps, detuned cluster, irregular tremolo/col legno, tickles), 3 vocalisations (growl, whisper, moan) and two vocal like sounds derived from a large frame drum
  • 156 possible sonic combinations
  • 40 presets (snapshots) in total – 20 longs, 10 medium, 10 shorts
  • Dual custom IR processing for morphing of sounds into unrecognisable territory
  • Dynamics mapped to modwheel (CC1) for instant playability and expression
  • Total size of sampled content: 2.68 GB (2.53GB compressed)
  • Classic Style delay, LP/HP Filters, Reverb and Mids Attenuation included

Ghoul requires a full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or later.

For more information on Ghoul, click here:

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