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Goldbaby Release The Layered Drum Machine Kicks Pack (LDMK)

Goldbaby have released Layered Drum Machine Kicks (LDMK), a ample pack that contains 33 drum machines in different combinations with multiple layering techniques to create the library. It’s available for $9.00.

These kicks are ready for your next production and will work in many different genres. Goldbaby have also added a bonus 8 transient samples if you want to do more layering with the kicks.

Drum Machines used:

TR-707, TR-505, TR-808, TR-909, LXR-02, Pulsar-23, Mrs Bass Drum, Volca Kick, Volca Drum, PO-12, PO-32, LM-2, DSI Tempest, MFB Tanzbar, DX, DMX, CR8000, ER1, Andromeda Space Rocker, DRM1, HeartBeat, Mbrane, TR-8s, MachineDrum, Rytm, Syntakt, Nord Drum, Olsen X-100, 55B, Ritmo, SP12, XD-5, MR10

What’s included:

  • 304 x 24-bit wav kick samples
  • 8 x 24-bit wav transient samples
  • Will load in any software sampler
  • Also available as 16-bit wav for hardware samplers
  • Downloadable pack – 25 MB

For more information on the LDMK pack, click here:

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