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Plugin Boutique’s Delay Plugin Recommendations

Delay is one of the most versatile effects in music production. You can use it to create a variety of new dimensions for your sound, whether you want to add width and size, fill gaps and empty space with new textures and rhythms, develop atmospheres and reshape spatial contexts, or creatively reshape timbre. Simply put, delay allows you to transform simple sounds into something much more.

With such room for sonic interpretation, it’s no surprise that there is a wide array of delay plugin options in the market today. Some seek to emulate analogue delay units from bygone eras, and others introduce an entirely new set of creative time-based controls for you to apply to your sounds. Not all of these plugins are created equal, both in terms of their quality and their price points, which is why Plugin Boutique have decided to round up six of the best delay plugins on Plugin Boutique.

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