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Sabroi Release AS D-Delay + FREE AS Width Module

Sabroi has released the AS D-Delay, a diverse multi-tap device that’s available at the intro price of $15.00, increasingnto $20.00 after the promotion. Use code ‘delay’ at the checkout.

AS D-Delay morphs between various delay-based effects, blurring the line between a filter, flanger, chorus, resonator, reverb, and even a granulator.

The overview

Multi-tap Delay:

  • Delays: multiple delays where each delay tap has its own individual delay time
  • Deviation: unique ways to arrange delay times to create various effects
  • Modulation: modulate the delay time via an LFO and jitter to alter delay times independently
  • Diffusion: run the delayed signal through an FDN Matrix for a reverb-like effect
  • Ping Pong: arranges the delays to jump from the left to the right output 


  • Filter: optional bandpass filters section being applied to the delay taps
  • Modulation: LFO controlling the filter cutoff


  • Excite: final stage overdrive and soft clipper algorithm, set the crossover frequency for the overdrive

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AS Width: a response to the need of a non audio altering stereo effect within Ableton – it’s a synthetic stereo generator that creates stereo information through a series of complex routed delays rather than altering the actual audio signal

AS D-Day and AS Width require Ableton 11 or later.

For more information on AS D-Delay and claim your FREE copy of AS Width , click here: 

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