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ALL ONE SUN Release THE 404 – A FREE Download!!

ALL ONE SUN have released THE 404, a formant bassline + filter + drums + gliding grooves synthesizer. It’s available as a FREE download for a limited time.

The long awaited 404 synthesizer has finally arrived! Four is for formant! THE 404 is the premiere formant bassline synthesizer groove machine!

THE 404 is an official groove machine synthesizer app of THE ARTIST known as GOD.

Quick-start guide: White background items in the GUI are buttons. Blue background items are displays. Ribbon above keyboard is for controlling the filter.

Note: May add an AU later also, if there are enough customers to make that seem worthwhile. Also the sonic style of THE 404 may be upgraded whenever THE CREATOR decides to do so. THE CREATOR is generally perfectionist.

Acknowledgements: THE 404 utilizes the AudioKit framework, so thanks to AudioKit framework contributors!

For more information on THE 404, click here: 

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