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A Whopping 90% Off Excalibur By Noise Art

VSTBuzz are offering 90% off Excalibur by Noise Art for a limited time, now only €19.00, (usually €199.00).

Nearly 5 years in the making, Excalibur was forged as an indispensable, vast and powerful instrument to spark inspiration from beatmakers to film scoring legends alike. one instrument with the highest quality most immaculate strings, brass, pianos, keys and more melodic instruments known to man.

Excalibur is a massive 27.5GB library with nearly 600 patches comprised of over 50,000 meticulously captured samples that are ideal for the following music genres:

  • Epic Film Scores
  • TV Music
  • Video Games
  • Boom-bap
  • Modern Trap

Excalibur has a library ten times the size of comparable instruments, at a tenth of the price using a tenth of the hard drive space.

Craft the most realistic productions imaginable and even emulate analog equipment and vinyl to make any production made with Excalibur sound exactly as if it was sampled from a record without the pesky sample clearances.

Features include:

  • 27.5GB Library consisting of nearly 600 patches composed from over 50,000 samples nearly 5 years in the making
  • Incredible patch library of amazing sounds takes up a fraction of the hard drive space and at a fraction of the price
  • Cutting edge lossless compression takes up a tenth of the space of comparable products and sound libraries without sacrificing any sound quality
  • Built in vinyl record emulation including noise and harmonics to bring a vintage feel to any sound instantly. Make all original compositions sound sampled!
  • Built in Aqua Verb Lite reverb engine for most realistic and stunning reverbs on the market applied within the nearly 600 patch library
  • Analog saturation and harmonics technology built in to add smooth 3d analog sound to each patch
  • Low CPU double precision audio engine enables the highest sound quality possible at next to no CPU load
  • The highest quality string, brass, piano, guitar, keys, woodwinds and more. You will be infinitely inspired by Excalibur over and over again
  • Selectable RAM or hard disk streaming to optimize performance based on your system with large amounts of instances
  • Ability to expand the Excalibur sound library directly from within the plugin and add to your arsenal of sound weaponry!

Excalibur is available to PC and Mac users (VST and AU)

For more information on Excalibur, click here:

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