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Plugin Boutique Intros EXOVERB By Dear Reality With An Offer

Plugin Boutique have launched an intro offer on EXOVERB Dear Reality for a limited time, now only £72.00 / $85.23, (usually £89.00 / $105.35). The offer ends November 30th.

Fuel your stereo productions with an immersive fingerprint and glue your mix with the most natural reverb.

EXOVERB offers 50 true-to-life sounding acoustic scenes with unheard three-dimensional depth and width. 

Achieve cleaned-up stereo mixes with more space for your tracks, relying on EXOVERB’s proprietary reverb engine with synthesized spatial multi-IRs. Speed up your mixing process with the intuitive triangle pad and define the perfect blend of reverb, early reflections, and dry signal.

Instinctively adapt the reverb to your needs, shaping the size, width, and depth of the acoustic scene.

Separate EQs for early reflections, decay, and output, provide maximum flexibility to adopt EXOVERB’s tonal character to your mix.

EXOVERB provides a unique spatial distance perception based on the fundamentals of spatial hearing. Choose from 50 hand-tailored acoustic scenarios from four categories: Ambiences, Rooms, Spaces, and Plates.

Enjoy true-to-life sounding reverbs with a three-dimensional sound stage on speakers and headphones

EXOVERB’s triangle pad lets you easily create the perfect blend of reverb, early reflections, and dry signal.

Define the ratio of the early reflections and the late reverb on the x-axis. The y-axis defines the level of your dry and wet signal.

EXOVERB follows Dear Reality’s easy-to-use approach, providing direct access to commonly used functionalities like Pre-Delay, Size, and Decay.

By default, EXOVERB gives you a greater sense of depth with natural spatial separation. Using the Depth and Width parameter, you can further adjust the front-back space of your mix to increase the acoustic illusion in stereo recordings based on our human distance hearing.

EXOVERB offers three straightforward 3-band EQs to provide maximum flexibility to adapt the tonal character to your mix. 

Apply the separate low-shelf, parametric, and high-shelf filters to the early reflections, reverb, or summed signal to get the right reverb tone for your tracks direct from the plugin.

Though spatial audio technologies offer new perspectives on sound and the listener’s immersion, it is often overlooked that Stereo can produce an immersive sound field with realistic depth, too – if done right. 

With EXOVERB, Dear Reality have unlocked this capability by applying the fundamentals of their well-known spatial audio technology to their first pure stereo reverb plugin.

EXOVERB incorporates the fundamentals of spatial hearing, enabling enhanced control of spatial distance perception. The Dear Reality team developed each acoustic scene using their proprietary software and extensive experience in immersive audio to create multiple synthesized IRs based on a wide range of room parameters. 

The results are true-to-life sounding reverbs with three-dimensional depth perception on all playback systems – both speakers and headphones.

Features include:

  • Most Natural Acoustic Scenes – Choose from 50 different ambiences, rooms, spaces, and plates
  • Spatial-Fueled Stereo Processing – Enhanced control of spatial distance perception, based on fundamentals of spatial hearing
  • Unique Triangle Pad – Control the dry/wet signal plus early/late ratio at the same time to easily create just the perfect reverb sound for your tracks
  • Pre-Delay – Shift the perceived distance of your signal up to 500ms
  • Size – Shorten or extend the reverb length to fit the character and tempo of your track
  • Decay Value – Adjust the decay time (up to 150% or down to 50%)
  • Width & Depth – Adjust acoustic scenes with unheard three-dimensional depth and width
  • Individual EQ Sections – Create tonal adjustments with separate filters for early reflections, decay, or the summed reverb signal
  • Metering – Monitor and adjust your in- and output level
  • Resizable UI – Scale the size of the plugin UI with your mouse

EXOVERB is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on EXOVERB, click here:

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