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John Howes Releases Strokes – MIDI Sequencer For iOS

John Howes has released Strokes MIDI Sequencer, an all-in-one sequencing workstation, already available for desktop users, now available to iOS users as an AUv3.

Strokes allows you to create entire arrangements with endless variety and complex interactions between devices either as a standalone application or from within a host such as AUM.

Strokes features a collection of seven interconnected modules that interact with one another in real time:

  • Grids – 4 x channels of euclidean or step (XOX/TR) rhythm generators
  • Logic – 4 x channels of algorithmic rhythm generators
  • Matrix – 8 x synchronized per step/stroke parameter modulation sequencers
  • Weights – 4 x envelope followers
  • Shares – 4 x probability processors using markov chain pattern analysis
  • Notes – 7 x pitch presets for sequencing chords, melodies and kit changes
  • Patterns – 5 x device wide snapshots / presets

For more information on Strokes, click here:

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