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There’s 67% Off The Neurotic Phonk Sample Pack

ADSR are offering a 67% off the Neurotic Phonk sample pack by BVKER for a limited time, now only $20.00, (usually $60.00). The offer ends November 30th.

Don’t forget to strap on your seatbelt because the Neurotic Phonk sample pack has the potential to knock your socks off!

Dedicated to the 4-to-the-floor side of Phonk, it’s packed with 899 royalty-free samples, providing everything you need to phonk!

Speaker-Blasting Drums: Tired of weak drums that lack punch and character? The Neurotic Phonk drum library features a massive variety of 501 dirty-ass drum hits & cymbals. In addition, you’ll receive 77 BPM-labeled drum loops & fills, ready to get new ideas going quickly and make transitions between parts easier.

Energetic Cowbells: Next is a folder packed with 30 unique cowbell one-shots tuned to C to ensure a quick and easy workflow. But it doesn’t stop here. You’ll also get 36 cowbell melody loops: enough inspiration to start dozens of new bangers. Certainly, everything is labeled by key and BPM, + you’ll get a matching MIDI file for every melody included!

Wicked Basslines: Talking about tonal elements, you’ll gain 36 wall-shaking bass loops, all coming with a sidechained variation and a matching MIDI file. Topping things off, BVKER bounced their 16 favorite bass sounds as one-shots, so you can use them to create your own basslines from scratch. Indeed, all bass hits have been tuned to C.

Chilling Atmospheres and FX: Time to add that final touch to your production? No problem! Whether you’re looking for dark atmospheres to run in the background, reverse effects for better transitions, sweep downs for more impact at the drop, or ambient pads for your intro… BVKER got you covered with a delicate, 95-files big FX folder.

What’s included::

  • 72 Bass Loops (Dry & Sidechained)
  • 36 Bass Loop MIDIs
  • 16 Bass One Shots
  • 36 Cowbell Melodies
  • 36 Cowbell MIDIs
  • 30 Cowbell One Shots
  • 77 Drum Loops & Fills
  • 247 Cymbals, Hats & Shaker
  • 254 Drum Hits
  • 95 FX, Atmos & Pads

For more information on the Neurotic Phonk sample pack, click here:

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