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Cem Olcay Releases MIDI Motion For Apple Watch Users

Cam Olcay has released MIDI Motion For Apple Watch. MIDI Motion uses the motion of your Apple Watch or iPhone to control your audio apps. It’s available for $1.99.

What you can do

  • You can control 3 synth parameters with the pitch, yaw and roll values of your motion data.
  • The app supports Ableton Link, so you can tempo sync the app to your audio apps and send MIDI notes as well.
  • It has the music theory engine of the Bud apps, so you can select one of the +110 scales.
  • You can use either your iPhone’s or your Apple Watch’s motion sensor.
  • The available MIDI ports listing on the bottom of the app.
  • You can use MIDI network session to send MIDI to your iPad/Mac apps.
  • In the MIDI CC mode, you can select a MIDI CC number, set the upper and lower limits, and assign a MIDI channel.
  • In the Notes mode, you can select a scale and a key, an octave range and the rate (duration) of the notes.

For more information on MIDI Motion, click here: 

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