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Sound Dust Release PLANKTON Sequencer

PLANKTON Sequencer is a multi-lane, multi-channel, multi-sequencer that plays any VST instrument or synth. It’s available for half price (£20.00 / €24.00 / $27.50) for a limited time using code AEOLIANMINOR at the checkout.

PLANKTON SEQUENCER is a brilliant, flexible and easy-to-use tool for generating incredible note and rhythm textures and is without doubt one of the most useful and inspiring gadgets that has ever left the SOUND DUST laboratory.

Play 12 independent sequencing devices from your keyboard like an instrument. And because they spit midi into the real world, you are not limited to the sounds inside – play any VST or external synth in real time.

The multi-lane sequencers make it a joy to hand knit complex midi sequences that can be spread across multiple instruments and channels. 

Scale and key quantize is a mighty feature that helps you to quickly and intuitively generate and bend new melodies, harmonies and impossible polyrhythms. The unique pitch quantized pitch wheel scans through scales and always stays in key.

Features include:

  • 12 sequencers – C4 to B4
  • ​1 to 64 steps
  • 32nd to 4th play rate
  • Built in sine ping instrument
  • Lanes for octave, pitch decay and velocity
  • Tempo map lane with 3 tempo algorithms – divide, add and glitch
  • Spits out midi or exports midi files directly to your DAW
  • Scale and key quantizer includes Pitch Wheel
  • 26 scale types
  • 50 snapshots
  • 1 Kontakt instrument
  • 35MB download
  • Huge, non-fiddly GUi
  • Classic Sound Dust RTFM instruction manual built into interface

PLANKTON Sequencer requires a full version of Kontakt 5.8 or later.

For more information on PLANKTON Sequencer, click here: 

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