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Sononym Sample Library Manager Is Now Half Price!!

Sononym is half price for a limited time, currently available for £79.00 / $99.00, reduced by 50% when using code BLKPRICE22 at the checkout. The offer ends December 4th.

Sononym is a sample browser that offers a fresh perspective on how sounds can be explored and organized. 

Here are the highlights:

  • Search Across Libraries
  • Find Duplicate Samples
  • Filter By Multiple Categories
  • Edit BPM & Note Properties
  • Hide From Search Results
  • Search: Exclude Term
  • Additional Search Preferences
  • Additional Columns in Search-Results
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Other notable fixes and improvements

Some of the new features in detail

Find Duplicate Samples

Sononym now offers to find duplicate samples. But it doesn’t just detect identical sounds: it also looks for sounds that are nearly identical. So if you happen to own a sample pack with samples which have been encoded into different file formats, you can use Duplicate Detection to find these samples, and take some kind of action on them.

Filter By Multiple Categories

When filtering sounds by category, it’s now possible to choose more than a single category at a time. As always, the application shows you the most relevant sounds at the top of the search results.

If you prefer the “old” approach, you can select a single category at a time simply by using right-click.

In addition to this, the categories are now color-coded* and will always appear in the same order.

They used to be sorted by number of occurrences, but as this could lead to the categories visually “shuffling around” when switching between libraries, we decided that it’s better to use a fixed layout with all categories shown at all times.

Edit BPM & Note Properties

If the software didn’t predict the correct tempo or pitch for a given sound, it is now possible to correct this directly from the search results – simply click the little “edit” icon to pop out a menu which allows you to select the correct value.

If you need to correct multiple items at the same time, this can be done by right-clicking the selected files and choosing the relevant submenu (e.g. “Assign BPM”).

Hide From Search Results

Sometimes you come across audio files that won’t be needed, but also shouldn’t be deleted. You can now mark such files as hidden.

It works as you’d expect it to: right-click, or use the provided shortcut to hide the selected files in the search results. Once hidden, they won’t appear in search results until you choose to make them visible by changing the Hidden Files filter.

Additional Search Preferences

Preview sounds while stepping through results
If enabled, files will be previewed while stepping through search results – that is, while pressing and holding down the arrow up/down keys. Requires that Auto-Play is enabled in the main toolbar. The option is disabled by default.

Reset when launching a similarity-search
If enabled, all filters (including the selected folder) are reset when launching a new Similarity Search. This helps to find the broadest possible set of results, but if you prefer to stay within the current folder you can disable this option.

Additional Columns in Search-Results

  • Added: Library Column, displays the name of Library that the sample belongs to (hover to reveal path).
  • Added: Pitch Class Column (e.g. “C” or “C#”), similar to Note but without the octave and detune/cents information.

Other notable fixes and improvements

  • Fixed: ASIO buffer size sometimes changing on launch.
  • Fixed: stability improvements, particularly on macOS.
  • Fixed: under some circumstances, a missing library could not be located.
  • Fixed: focus not retained after renaming items in project.
  • Fixed: assets deleted in explore mode not pulled when browsing root path.
  • Fixed: project folder tree shortcuts for expanding/collapsing nodes.
  • Fixed: quoted (literal) search terms not always preserved on location change.
  • Fixed: unable to drag files with broken links around in projects.
  • Fixed: changing more than 5000 favorites at once would throw an error.
  • Changed: Alt modifier to scroll-lock is replaced with “always lock to selected”.
  • Added: Offline documentation in PDF format (available from help menu).
  • Added: Improvements to how missing/moved-around libraries are handled.
  • Added: [Projects] drag a file onto an empty panel to create a new project
  • Several usability tweaks and improvements under the hood.

For more information on Sononym, click here: 

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