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A Huge Update For Xequence 2

Seven Systems Cross-Platform Media Limited have released a huge update for Xequence 2.

What’s new in version 2.4.0


  • Instruments: Xequence now comes with over 40 factory instrument (MIDI configuration) templates. More to be included in the future. They can be accessed in the “Factory” folder via the usual “Load” button in the instrument editor (In-App Purchase required).
  • Arranger: When opening an editor for a clip with linked clips, the “xx linked” notification now contains a direct “Unlink” button, removing the need for a tedious round-trip to the arranger and back.
  • Pianoroll: New “Remove doubles” option in the “Process” menu to remove notes starting at (almost) the same time: Only the longest of all overlapping notes will be kept. Notes with higher velocity will be prefered if in doubt.
  • Recording: Prevent double notes: Only keep longer / higher velocity notes (can be disabled in settings).
  • Recording: If a newly recorded clip overlaps with existing clips, Xequence will now offer to merge them or move the clip to a new sub-track.


  • When Xequence is hosted as an IAA, the host’s icon is now shown as an additional tab in the top toolbar and you can switch back to it with a single tap.
  • Keyboard: Reorganized and much improved key and scale selector.
  • Keyboard: Controller ribbons to be shown can now be selected directly on the keyboard screen (instead of in instrument settings). Also, the limit of 3 controller ribbons has been removed.
  • Keyboard: Improved touch handling for better response time and less wonkyness with wild playing styles.
  • Keyboard: Much improved key-position-to-controller handling for all 3 modes.
  • Drum Pads: Drum maps can now be more efficiently selected via the regular file selector.
  • Arranger: Instrument settings for each track’s target instrument can now be accessed directly from the track menu.
  • Arranger: Mute and Solo buttons are now directly accessible at any vertical zoom level.
  • Arranger: Current track is now always drawn taller, providing access to all buttons at any vertical zoom level.
  • Arranger: Generally improved dynamic tracklist layout.
  • Arranger: Significantly smoother editing under high CPU load.
  • Arranger: Tweaked clip previews.
  • Arranger: When naming clips, if all selected clips already have the same name, pre-fill the input box with it.
  • Toolbars: Added labels to top and keyboard toolbar icons.
  • When loading a project that uses ‘Xequence Source’ and it is not enabled, offer to enable it.


  • Timestretching now by default turns itself off again every time the horizontal handles are used; this is probably a rarely used mode and having it unexpectedly enabled probably often gives unexpected results (the old behaviour can be restored in Settings).
  • Arranger: Undo / Redo now always preserves which track is selected.
  • Various little user interface tweaks to make life more productive.
  • MIDI Sync: When recording, the Count-In is now be excluded so that the slaves only start after the Count-In.


  • Keyboard: Kill any held notes when changing scales.
  • Keyboard: Fix problem with keys sometimes sending the wrong (maximum) velocity when sliding between keys with multiple fingers in dual mode in both manuals simultaneously.
  • Controller Editor: Fix existing automation not being deleted when recording new automation via the left-hand ribbon and recording is started while the ribbon is already being touched.
  • Recording: Fix rare situation where controller data recorded during count-in could be written one or more bars early.
  • Fix rare situation when Xequence’s settings could revert to defaults

More about Xequence 2

Xequence is a comprehensive, fast & reliable MIDI sequencer, editor, arranger & controller for iPhone & iPad.

Providing a desktop-class editing experience, it is the perfect centerpiece for a hardware studio, or for apps like AUM & Audiobus 3 to create a modular mobile music production environment.

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