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Dustbin By Caelum Audio – FREE Until December 5th

Caelum Audio’s Dustbin is now FREE for a limited time for desktop and iOS users. The offer ends December 5th.

This plugin had to be a bit different. We started by creating a dustbin sound system (garbage can for our American friends). We got a real dustbin and put some speakers in it! After it all was done, we ended up with an interesting creative audio effect plugin called Dustbin!

This plugin will litter-ally change your life. Stop wasting time, you can’t refuse it any longer. Take everything you thought you knew about music production and throw it out.

Imagine you left two easily entertained idiots alone with a dustbin, amp, speaker, some microphones, and a worrying idea. Well actually, you don’t have to imagine at all, because Dustbin is here to answer those musical questions you never asked.

Pick your way through the impulse responses taken from the Bin’s cavity and built-in speaker. Transform your Garage into Garbage, Rap into Scrap, Pop into Slop, Punk into Junk, and New Age into Sewage.

No more worrying about IF your music sounds trash, now it definitely does. You’re welcome.

Dustbin is both a stand-alone application as well as a desktop and iOS plugin (VST3, AU, AAX and AUv3).

For more information on Dustbin, click here:

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