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There’s 87% Off The W.A Distortion Bundle

ADSR are offering 87% off the Distortion Bundle by W.A Production for a limited time, available for only $19.90, (usually $148.00).

Turn up the HEAT with What About Production’s Distortion Bundle!! Three fiery distortion & saturation plugins that will add the fire your tracks have been missing!!

The bundle comprises:

  • Heat 2
  • Satyrus
  • Make Me Scream

Heat 2

Fire It Up Presenting HEAT 2 – the original twin distortion powerhouse, now with a stunning refresh.

This face-melting plugin features an intuitive new interface, more accurate frequency monitoring and a host of under-the-hood improvements. 

Choose two of your favourite distortion and saturation models, and blend them together for fuzz-box fun. You can shape the two affected signals with high and low pass filters, resulting in a more musical output than many other types of distortion plugins. Tweak the parameters to your personal taste within the refreshed interface, newly designed to sit right alongside W.A. Production’s other inspiring plugins. The audio processing is now much clearer, with a top-to-bottom approach so it’s now easy to follow the signal flow and create amped-up overdrive.

Of course, W.A. Production also included loads of factory presets to kickstart your distortion discoveries, from extreme settings for smashing your audio to more tempered values for vocals, bass and drums. Use these presets as jumping-off points and then adjust the drive, blend, filters and other parameters to create your unique sound.


Distortion is beautiful. It can give sounds life, character, grit, warmth, body, and more.

However, different distortions can have wildly different qualities, so it is vital to have various options at your disposal to design your perfect sounds. That’s where Satyrus by W. A. Production comes in!

Satyrus is a unique saturation and distortion effect plugin built to provide you with an incredible sounding shine that you won’t get anywhere else. Satyrus includes 8 wonderfully different distortion and saturation modules with an endless range of potential uses:

  • Power Distortion: The KING of distortions, with a drastic effect on levels.
  • Fresnel Distortion: A unique sounding distortion that can be used on pretty much any sound.
  • Hyperbolic Overdrive: Ideal for editing strong and popping attack-heavy sound FX like shots, explosions, thunder, etc.
  • Logarithmic Colouration: A hybrid of distortion and saturation, great for making vocals shine.
  • Circular Projection: One of the most energy-rich and downright BRUTAL distortions, particularly useful for low and deep Sustain and Release sounds, like pads or synth bass.
  • Cosine Modulation: Similar to Circular Projection but a bit more subtle.
  • Satyric Crunch: A peculiar blend of Fresnel Saturation with the typical “crunch” of a distortion.

No matter what kind of music/audio you create, Satyrus is sure to become a much-used favourite when you need to give a sound life and character. The wide variety of distortion/saturation types gives you unparalleled flexibility and control when designing your sounds, and W.A Production know that you’ll love how simple it is to use! Get your hands on Satyrus today and start creating your most unique sounds ever!

Make Me Scream

In a world with so many options for distortion and saturation, where do you turn when you want an effect that really slams? We have the solution to your saturation search, with Make Me Scream.

It’s a crazy sounding name for a crazy sounding plugin that contains a 2-stage effect, with 4 different distortion types and 4 alternate timbre modes. The musicality of your audio is maintained with a smart signal follower that shapes the distortion envelope in line with the transients of your track. To get the most from distortion it’s a good idea to feed the module a slightly saturated signal in the first place, so we’ve added an adjustable preamp tube at the beginning of the signal chain. This 2-stage effect results in a far more dramatic sounds then regular distortion, as the initial tube processing gives the distortion a juicy overdriven signal to latch on to.

Of course, W.A also included loads of presets to get your overdrive odyssey off to a flying start. These include settings for vocals, drums, bass, full mixes and even some guitar amp simulations. Use them as jumping-off points to tweak the audio to your taste.

The bundle is available to PC and Mac users (VST, AU and AAX).

For more information on the Distortion Bundle, click here:

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