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Riffler – Price Dropped For A Limited Time

Riffler by Jonathan Bell has been reduced for a limited time. It’s now only $7.99 (usually $12.99).

Instantly create unlimited, copyright-free guitar riffs. Just tap “Create” and listen to your new riff.


The easiest way to get started is to select from the large list of preset musical styles, tap “Create”, and a unique guitar riff will be made. The created riff is displayed as guitar tablature which you can listen to and save.


For advanced users wanting to harness the full power of Riffler’s advanced artificial intelligence engine, there is a huge range of customizable settings allowing you to fine tune your own unique sound.


The created riff can be exported as a WAV or MIDI file.

Realistic Tones

Riffler’s audio engine creates stunningly realistic guitar tones.

Who would use riffer?

  • Guitarists looking to improve their playing, with endless new riffs to practice.
  • Composers needing an additional creative spark of inspiration to complement their music.
  • Musicians looking for a virtual guitarist for unlimited jam sessions.
  • Producers wanting to stand out from the crowd by creating a library of unique guitar riffs instead of using the same samples and loops as everybody else.
  • Most of all Riffler is fun! It’s great for anybody looking to experiment and create their own music!

The presets include:

Rock presets: Classic rock, Dorian rock, Funk rock, Glam rock, Grunge, Hard rock, Heavy rock, Melodic hook, Mixolydian rock, Neoclassical, Neoclassical 2, Pedal tone major, Pedal tone minor, Pop punk, Powerchords, Psychobilly, Prog rock, Prog rock 2, Rock ballad, Rock shuffle, Rock shuffle 2, Rockabilly, Southern rock, Surf guitar, Strut.

Metal presets: Bluesy metal, Breakdown powerchords, Breakdown stacatto, Breakdown triplets, Classic metal, Classic metal 2, Classic metal 3, Death metal, Death metal 2, Death metal 3, Djent, Djent 2, Doom metal, Fast death metal, Fast death metal 2, Grind, Groove metal, Groove metal 2, Groove metal 3, Industrial, Harmony metal, Harmony metal 2, Harmony metal 3, Melodic death metal, Metalcore, Nu metal, NWOBHM, Polymeter, Polymeter 2, Power metal, Progressive metal, Progressive metal 2, Sludge, Speed metal, Thrash metal, Thrash metal 2, Thrash triplets, Tremolo picking, Tremolo picking 2, Triplet metal.

Clean: Clean 16ths, Bouncy melody, Delay, Harmony delay, House pluck, Mellow, Mellow 2, Mixture, Split bars.

Blues: Blues bassline, Bluesy rock, Dirty blues, Pentatonic blues, Blues shuffle, Slow blues.

Funk: Bluesy funk, Clean funk, Dirty funk, Disco, Funk bassline, Funk bassline 2, Funk riff, Minimal funk.

Jam: A blues jam, Bm rock ballad jam, Cm rock jam, Dm blues rock jam, Dm heavy rock jam, E dorian jam, Em metal jam, F lydian jam, G# rock jam.

Lead: Ascending lead, Countermelody, Diminished arpeggios, Harmonic minor chord tones, Harmony leads, High 16ths, Major blues licks, Neoclassical lead, Short solo, Texas blues, Wide intervals.

Challenge: All 12 keys, All scales, Bet you can’t play this!, Or this…, And definitely not this!, Hybrid pick, sweep or tap?, Timing challenge, Timing challenge 2.

Other: Creepy, Exotic, Exotic 2, Glitch, _Blank.

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