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51% Off Hinder + Other Inertia Sound Systems Deals

Plugin Boutique are offering up to 51% off Hinder by Inertia Sound Systems for a limited time, now only £16.96 / $20.46, (usually £34.96 / $42.18). There are also deals on other Inertia Sound System plugins. The offers end December 5th.

New is not always better. That’s why Inertia Sound Systems looked into something that was proven and true. Bucket Brigade Delay has stood the test of time, but since they were not limited to the confinements of its era, Inertia kicked it up a notch.

Hinder’s core has been accurately modelled after BBD principles. But it comes with many useful and creative features, including sound design and versatility. It aims to be a swiss army knife when a vintage delay tone is needed.

Accurate BBD Modelling with Sound Tweaking Freedom

Hinder has been built following the BBD principle of operation. However, it exposes several of the design parameters to the user, but also adds new ones such as L/R channel delay time decoupling, width and reverse delay so that creative realms could be explored. 

Overall Tone for Brighter or Darker Sound

Inertia tried to cover as much ground as possible. You can change the overall tone of the plugin by setting the bright/dark parameter.

Separate or Linked Delay Times for Left and Right Channel

Delay times can be set up separately for Left and Right channels so that interesting/polyrhythmic patterns can be created

Stereo Width

Width control for wider delay effects.

Feedback LP / HP Analog modelled Filters

Hinder features analog modelled resonant Lowpass and Highpass filters in its feedback path, that can further shape your tone

Feedback Compression Module with Amount and Speed Controls

Hinder features a compressor module in its feedback path that in combination with feedback and heat can create sounds that vary from punchy repeats to overdriven noisy drones.

Overdrive via the HEAT Parameter

Heat adjustment that reflects the resampling, and feedback filters, can significantly tune Hinder towards a cleaner or overdriven sound character

Chorus and Flanger Effects

Hinder features delay modulation, turning it into a chorus or flanger effect, with all the creative directions that can be achieved with the aforementioned modules and tweaking parameters.

Bit Depth and Quantisation Artefact Mix Control

Hinder features controls for input signal quantization and quantization artefact mix, which is a standard BBD element. But by exposing it to the user it can be creatively employed in combination with heat and feedback compression for noisy droney delay soundscapes.

Synced to Host or Free Running

Hinder can be set up to sync to the host. Moving from sync to free will recall the previous parameter values.

Preset System

HINDER comes with many built-in presets that cover a fair ground of standard delay use for Guitars, Vocals, Drums and everything in between. But many of them also point towards a sound design point of view, them being droney, noisy or glitchy.

Features include:

  • Accurate BBD modelling with sound tweaking freedom
  • Overall tone for a brighter or darker sound
  • Separate or Linked Delay Time for Left and Right Channel
  • Focused or wider delay effect control
  • Feedback LP / HP analog modelled filters
  • Feedback Compression module with amount and speed controls
  • Overdrive via the HEAT parameter that applies to the resampling and feedback filters
  • Delay line modulation for Chorus and Flanger effects
  • Bit Depth and Quantisation artefact mix control
  • Synced to host or free running
  • A portable and intuitive preset system
  • Explanatory on-screen tooltips on mouse hover over the parameters
  • Minimal, clean UI

Hinder is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 and AU).

For more information on Hinder and the other Inertia Sound Systems plugins on offer, click here: 

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