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A Whopping 90% Off Spread Light + Other Yum Audio Deals

Plugin Boutique are offering 99% off Spread Light by Yum Audio for a limited time, now only £3.95 / $4.80, (usually £39.95 / $48.50). There are also deals on other Yum Audio plugins. The offers end November 30th.

Spread Light can be an indispensable tool, allowing you to narrow the stereo width of tracks or push them wider in mixing and mastering situations. Yum Audio have have also added 2 different processing modes, so you’ll be able to create some yummy mixes.

Spread Light’s intuitive visual panning UI gives you instant access to the width and stereo balance of your signal. Tilt and Width interact in a natural way, allowing you to position your sounds in the stereo field easily.

One Slider to rule them all! Use the Intensity slider to control the intensity of the complete effect. Like a wet/dry function, this scales the values of all other parameters in the plugin. At 100% the effect is fully active, at 0% all values are in default positions and the incoming signal is unchanged

Control your mix by using the Mid/Side mode or use the included Haas Mode for a creative alternative to traditional panning & width adjustments. The Haas Effect makes your ear perceive sounds wider and positioned by letting them arrive at slightly different times in each ear.

Features include:

  • Lightweight Stereo Utility.
  • Two different Stereo Processing Modes – M/S (Mid/Side) and Haas.
  • Different Pan and Widening behavior per mode.
  • Increase or reduce the width of your signal.
  • Pan every frequency area in the stereo field.
  • Width and Panning interact in a musical & natural way.
  • Intensity Slider to control overall Processing Amount.
  • Increase or Reduce the width of every Signal.

Spread Light is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU.amd AAX).

For more information on Spread Light and the other Yum Audio plugin deals, click here: 

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