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Stoev Lab Release Projection For VCV Rack Users

Stoev Lab have released Projection, a dual geometrical sequencer / CV recorder module based on geometric transformations for use with VCV modular. It’s available for $10.00.

Projection can generate two variable-length sequences, chain and transform them in several ways, producing new musical material. It can also record two CVs and do the same with them. Use it as a sequencer, a CV recorder/looper, a stepped modulation source, or a sample and hold. Even try it as a wavetable oscillator.

Two independent 8-step sequencers / CV recorders. Each has:

  • Step buttons – activate/deactivate the corresponding step. Use them to change the length of the sequence.
  • Step sliders – set the voltage level for the corresponding step. Also, use them to offset the recorded voltage for each step. Green color indicates the current step.
  • CV input – connect a signal for recording here. Also, use it to offset the step sliders’ voltage levels.
  • GATE input – advances the sequence by one step when a gate/trigger is received.
  • RESET input – resets the sequence.
  • REC button and CV input – start/stop recording. During recording, the REC button is lit in red. After recording, light red color indicates that a recording has been made. Hold the button or send a high gate signal for at least one second to clean the recording.
  • RANGE button – scales the CV output. There are four possible ranges: +/-1 V, +/-2 V, +/-5 V, and +/-10 V. The brightness of the light indicates the selected range.
  • CV output – the main output – a mix of the step sliders’ voltage levels and the recorded voltages.
  • GATE output – passes the signal at the GATE input

For more information on Projection, click here:

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