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TRAKTOR PRO 3 (+ 3 Months FREE Beatport Streaming Advanced & Beatsource Pro+)

Plugin Boutique are offering 50% off TRAKTOR PRO 3 (+ 3 Months FREE of Beatport Streaming Advanced & Beatsource Pro+) for a limited time, now only £44.95 / $53.94, (usually £89.00 / $106.80). The offer ends December 6th.

Important Note: 3 Months FREE of Beatport Streaming Advanced AND 3 Months FREE of Beatsource Pro+ is only available for accounts which have not previously held an active Beatport Streaming Subscription.

TRAKTOR PRO 3 builds upon two decades of peak performance. From superb sound on club systems to high-impact effects, TRAKTOR PRO 3 is designed for creative, dancefloor-filling mixing. The software is also compatible with many third-party controllers and seamlessly incorporates Beatport and Beatsource Streaming.

TRAKTOR is great for honing your beatmatching skills, but you can also blend genres and bridge BPMs by letting TRAKTOR PRO 3 do some of the work. Hitting the Sync button quickly gets your tracks beat-matched, so you have plenty of time to experiment with your mix.

For those who really want to put their stamp on a set, the industry’s most reliable and seamless loop, Hotcue, and beat jump tools let you chop and re-edit tracks however you like. Unless you want to cut things up outside of the beat, TRAKTOR will make sure you never skip out of the groove.

Modulate your tracks with over 40 intuitive, high-grade effects. TRAKTOR’s famous Deck FX can twist and screw your tracks with endless variation, while new Mixer FX introduces easy-to-use effects in a single control on each channel. Turn them up, down, on, and off, for sonic exploration that’s out of this world.

Native Instruments has redesigned TRAKTOR’s interface so that it’s more streamlined and easier to see through the club haze. New metering and fader designs let you gain your mix more accurately, and a redesigned master panel gives you instant access to essential controls. New parallel waveform and single-deck views let you choose how to mix and prepare your music. TRAKTOR PRO 3 maintains the workflows of its predecessors, so switching is a breeze.

From small systems to festival big-rigs – NI made changes that will help you sound great, wherever you play. Every signal-processing step in TRAKTOR has been refined with high-fidelity sound in mind. Stay confident with heavy tempo shifting that uses new Elastique 3 time-stretching. Run your tracks out through the classic warm and punchy TRAKTOR limiter, or a newly-designed, truly transparent master limiter that won’t duck your sound, even when layering multiple tracks and samples.

Whether it’s heavy drops or smooth transitions that define your style, new Mixer FX are designed for one-knob modulation with big-sounding results. Choose from eight extra effects and three new filters to assign to each channel, in addition to TRAKTOR’s famous Deck FX.

It’s not just effects that can power up your performance. Hold in the new Reverse button to play a deck backwards – because it works with Flux Mode, letting go will mean you jump to where you would have been had you done nothing at all, in perfect sync with the other decks. Create shifted percussion parts, or hidden-message vocals, and team it up with effects for sounds from another dimension. Flux Mode also works with Hotcues, loops, and scratching, for moments where you need a super-tight beat, but can’t help chopping things up.

For those who mix in key (and for those who don’t key), TRAKTOR PRO 3 makes harmonic mixing faster and easier. Pitch up or down by semitones, with the resulting key shown in the deck header, and see tracks with matching keys highlighted in the browser – so you’ll always know which track fits. It also means more control over creatively building energy throughout your set through key changes.

TRAKTOR PRO 3 sees a series of changes to its audio engine, designed with club-sized sound systems in mind. New Elastique 3 time-stretching, an improved master limiter, and industry-mixer modelling options mean that whatever your style, and whatever you do to your tracks, they’ll always be music to your ears.

For wax enthusiasts, digital vinyl support lets you control TRAKTOR decks using timecode vinyl on your turntables. For performers blurring the lines of DJing, MIDI syncing, Ableton Link, and external inputs let you build extensive hybrid setups. Fine-tune your setup with a new, simplified MIDI map mode.

Your music library is reflected in your sets – organization is key to a performance that can adapt to the dancefloor. Playlists, iTunes sync, and favourite banks keep your library performance-ready. So when you’re ready to drop the promo that landed in your inbox last month, you can load it up in seconds. Smartlists let you create new playlists by combining filters of your choosing, and they continue to update when new tracks are added to your library – have all your 160 BPM workouts, DJ tools, and euphoric interludes ready where you need them.

3 Months FREE of Streaming Advanced

Instantly DJ with millions of electronic music tracks. Start testing the limits of what and where you play.

Beatport Streaming is integrated into TRAKTOR PRO with full access to the entire Beatport Streaming catalogue, expertly curated playlists, as well as your personal playlists and Beatport collection. Combine Beatport’s streaming catalogue with your existing TRAKTOR PRO collection to expand your creative possibilities.

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