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Copperhead – The New Synth Coming Soon From 4Pockets

4Pockets have announced they’ll soon be releasing a new synth to add to their extensive range of iOS apps. There’s no information on pricing and availability as things stand.

Copperhead is an AUv3 digital subtractive synthesizer plugin which draws its influence from the vintage synthesizers of the early 80’s. Only now, we have full polyphony, a built-in arpeggiator, an audio gate and lots of integrated effects. It features the ability to design custom waveforms as well as including oscillator sync and cross modulation modes. Cross modulation is a type of FM synthesis which can be used to morph simplistic waveforms into something far more aggressive and interesting.

At the heart of Copperhead are its two oscillators, which support your traditional waveforms as well as SuperSaw, Trapezium, and a user definable type. The app features pulse wave modulation for multiple sources, and the ability to sync oscillators.

The VCF supports the usual LP, HP, BP and Notch filters, as well as a couple of unusual ones like Formant which allows you to sweep your cutoff to create interesting vowel sounds.

Copperhead also features twin LFO’s with random and one-shot functionality. It also supports cross, ring and FM modulators, and additional low and high shelf filters.

One of the great features is the integrated audio gate, which allows you to generate audio stuttering right out of the box. Combined with effects such as Chorus, Overdrive, Delay, Reverb and Auto Pan / Tremelo, and the ability to specify effect order, you have a whole lot of control over your sound.

If that wasn’t enough, 4Pockets also include a 32 step sequencer, with various mono and poly modes with direct control control of various synth elements.

4Pockets have a built in Preset Manager which groups presets into banks and groups, which supports drag and drop for easy import/export of presets. You can also access your favourites from a special popup menu, or use the built-in quick search facility.

Features include:

  • AUv3 compatible.
  • Up to 16 note polyphony.
  • 7 Oscillator wave types.
  • PW/PWM on SQR and TRP waveforms.
  • Supports SuperSaw with MIX and DETUNE.
  • XMod / Ring and FM modulations.
  • Osc Sync.
  • 6 types of VCF filter.
  • Low and High shelf on output.
  • Built in compressor.
  • Chorus, Delay, Overdrive, Reverb and Auto Pan effects.
  • Built in Audio Gate.
  • Preset Manager with Bank/Group/Preset section.
  • Supports drag and drop to import/export presets, groups and banks.
  • Supports web transfer of presets.

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