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A Tasty Update For Octachron MIDI Drum Sequencer

Marcus Teufel has updates Octachron with some cool additions. Version 1.5 includes the introduction of:

  • Smart pattern randomizer
  • Randomizer configuration per row
  • Trigger mutation per row
  • Mutation of internal and CC modulation parameters
  • Melodic scales with highest note on top
  • App Manual
  • New Presets: Analog Rhythm 909, Digistix, Pure Acid Drums, Sugar Bytes Drum Computer and SDS-X
  • New logo and design

About Octachron

Octachron is a flexible 8 Track iPad MIDI Sequencer with rich modulation and sequencing capabilities. It is optimized for drums but also fun for experimental melody lines. It works standalone or as an AUv3 AudioUnit in iPad DAWs such as AUM, Cubasis, Beatmaker, ApeMatrix and Nanostudio + more.

Markus believes in specialization, so Octachron is focused on in depth MIDI sequencing. Control your favourite iPad drums like Ruismaker or MV08, synths like Zeeon or Model D or any hard- or software MIDI instrument with it.

Features include:

  • Standalone or AUv3 AudioUnit
  • 1-32 steps with flexible clock divider and custom time signatures
  • 8 mutable tracks with adjustable length
  • Up to 8 chainable patterns (song mode)
  • Swing with flexible swing grid
  • Save and restore your presets
  • Parameter lock for velocity, trigger probability, ratcheting and MIDI CC Modulation
  • Scales generator
  • MIDI control pattern selection and mute
  • Customizable mapping and mapping presets
  • MIDI maps available for Analog Rhythm 909 & Axxon, Dadamachines Automat, Digistix & DM1 & DM2, DrumComputer by Sugar Bytes, EGDR 606, 808 & 909, FAC Drumkit, MV08 & NS2 Slate, Pure Acid Drums, Ruismaker & Ruismaker FM, SDS-X, Vanator with more to follow

For more information on Octachron, click here:

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