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Replicat Audio Release LowFire + FREE Version

Having had a Windows only soft launch about 2 weeks ago, Replicat Audio have officially released LoFire for PC and Mac users. It’s available for $25.00. The Beat Community are offering 25% off for a limited time – use the button at the bottom of this blog. The offer is valid for 7 days.

There’s also a FREE trial version. The trial version is very generous as it has 100% of the features found in the full version. The only downside with the trial version is that users will receive a message like that in the UI image (above) every once in a while that will hide the oscilloscope area until the message is dismiss by clicking OK.

LowFire is a professional quality lo-fi FX plugin. It’s used on your master or on individual tracks to create everything from warm, old-school tones to bumping bass kicks and soaring overdrives.

LowFire features:

  • Overdrive
  • Bit Crush
  • Downscale
  • MonoFire
  • Soft clip
  • High-pass
  • Low-pass
  • Stereo oscilloscope
  • Noise
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Mix


The overdrive effect adds an organic and powerful gain boost to your tone. Similar to what you might get by running your signal through an old guitar amp.

Bit Crush

The bit crush effect is used for lowering the “bit depth” of your audio. This affects the dynamics of your signal. More bit crush means there are less possible amplitudes (volume) that the signal can exist at.

Use bit crush to create crunchy lo-fi sounds. At higher levels it acts as a kind of noise gate, limiting the amplitude at which signals will register at all.


Down Sampling is the heart of LowFire.

Your sample rate is directly related to the fidelity (quality) of your audio. LowFire lets you push the sample rate to levels well below anything your DAW would find acceptable, creating sounds that are quite possibly too lo-fi. (Please enjoy LowFire responsibly)

The down sample effect in LowFire comes in 4 varieties.

Clean Downsample will attempt to preform anti-aliasing techniques which result in a cleaner, less “buzzy” sound.

Dirty Downsample will not attempt to perform any anti-aliasing.

Accumulative Averaging Downsample will average each sample in your new “chunk” accumulatively.

Noisy Downsample will add a small amount of randomization to the downsample algorithm creating an old-school radio tuning type distortion.

Note: The difference between these 4 types of down sampling is very subtle when compared on a “busy” or low frequency signal. See the routing algorithms section for more info on selecting your down sample variety.


Gone are the days of choosing between full mono and stereo. MonoFire lets you choose exactly how much you want to “Mono-fy” your signal. As the knob goes up, your stereo signal gets closer and closer to becoming fully mono.

Stereo Oscilloscope + Spectrum Analyzer

LowFire is a sound design tool. To help you in the visualize your sounds, we included a built-in stereo oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. You can use this tool to see exactly how the effects you are using are altering your signal.

Note: This is highly optimized C++ code that is very kind to your CPU.

DRM Free

No license keys, no forced updates, no “always online” requirements. Once you buy LowFire, it belongs to you for good. You can copy it to as many personal-use computers as you need and never worry about going over an activation limit.

LowFire is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information on LowFire, click here (the free version button):

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