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United Plugins Launch The Limited Time United Reverbs Bundle 22

United Plugins have launched their United Reverbs Bundle, a limited time collection of reverbs they offer which includes Hyperspace by JMG Sound, Verbum Entropic Hall and MorphVerb, a plugin that gives you a chance to blend two reverb types. The bundle is available for €169.00, value €545.00. If you already own one or more of the reverbs it doesn’t matter. Any plugins in the bundle you already own will generate additional discount on United Reverbs Bundle 22 you when you log into your account. 

Are you not sure which of their reverbs is the best? If not, grab all of them at once. This time-limited bundle contains Hyperspace by JMG Sound, which lets you blend your own algorithm, vintage style Verbum Entropic Hall and MorphVerb, which gives you a chance to blend two reverb types. And we are adding two extra related plugins. The recently released Cryostasis can be used as a very creative Reverb, and the reverse snare wonder – Mirror – contains a reverb section too. Try them all. But don’t hesitate for too long. The offer is only available until the end of the year. 

What’s included

Verbum Entropic Hall

The Beauty Is in Chaos. The recent digital world tends to line up everything. That makes things predictable and… well, boring. The beauty of life is in chaos and randomness of unexpected. And Verbum Entropic Hall reflects that which makes it one of the most realistic reverbs out there.


Shortcut to the New Universe. Hyperspace is an algorithmic reverb allowing the user to create algorithms made up of various processors. Vintage, Classic, Retro, Modern, Sci-Fi and Cosmic modes let you combine various algorithms with endless possibilities. Hyperspace will enrich your tracks with myriads of colours.


I’m Every Reverb. What type of reverb should be used on my track? Shall I use the Chamber or Hall? What about something in between? MorphVerb is a magical tool providing a unique way to find the perfect reverb settings.


Freeze Time Forever. Cryostasis is a spectral inertia effect that can progressively smear your audio until infinitely frozen in time. It features spectral FX and controls to shape the character of the frozen tail. All are controlled by a continuously variable freeze knob or an auto switch that can be timed in milliseconds or musical measures (double-click).


Reflections of the Future. Imagine a plugin that sees the future. It reverses your audio, applies effects and plays it back before the event even begins. This plugin would automatically create the much-loved reverse reverb and snare effects in seconds, allowing you to focus on the sound, not the process. Well, that is JMG Mirror – the world’s first reverse negative delay.

The plugins are available to PC and .ac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information the United Reverbs Bundle 22, click here:

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