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Sonokinetic Offer Vivace Legacy As A FREE Download

As part of their Christmas countdown, Sonokinetic are offering Vivace Legacy as a FREE download.

When Sonokinetic released the original Vivace, over a decade ago, they had no idea how this legacy of orchestral scoring would develop and shape Sonokinetic in the years that followed. Growing steadily as a developer, they’ve taken the fledgling concepts of Vivace and expanded them beyond anything we dreamed possible. Over the past ten years their orchestral libraries have straddled genres and emotions. However, they’ve always had a yearning to go back to the previously-discontinued Vivace recordings and breathe new life into them. So they spruced up the interface, tightened up the programming and polished the samples to present to you… Vivace Legacy.

Music is magical. It knows a way to express every human feeling and emotion. There’s no language that compares to the communicative power of a swirling orchestral motif. Vivace Legacy speaks the tongue of Fables, Myths and Sagas. Fire up the sounds of Vivace Legacy and enrich your sound palette with exclusive musical colours. Vivace Legacy leads you by the hand, through a world of magic and mystery, full of inspired symphonic cinematic orchestral effects, patterns, atmospheres and moods.

Tempo-synced tonal cues abound, most recorded in all 12 keys utilising our ITM (Intelligent Tempo Mapping) system so that every sample is automatically integrated perfectly into any arrangement. The pressure of tight turnarounds always interferes with the creative process, so we believe Vivace Legacy is an essential tool to keep orchestrating craftsmanship high in production schedules with demanding deadlines and tough client expectations.

Vivace Legacy requires a free or full version of Kontakt 7.0 or later.

For more information on Vivace Legacy, click here:

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