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Spitfire Audio Release The Lea Bertucci Xtended Vox Library

Spitfire Audio have release the Lea Bertucci – XTENDED Vox library, the human voice as you’ve never heard it before in plugin form. It’s available for $29.00.

Explore the outer reaches of the human voice with this incredibly unique world of cutting-edge textures, rhythms and evolving drones. Curated and produced by composer and sound artist Lea Bertucci, this powerful tool captures the radical vocalisations of herself and three renowned pioneers of the avant-garde — Audrey Chen, Cansu Tanrikulu & Phil Minton. From earth-shaking bass drones to window-shattering sound effects, whispers, rhythmic clicks and glissandi to haunting multiphonic choirs; these alien-like instruments will hum, hiss, heckle and haunt to create immediate tension, atmosphere, horror and beauty — a treasure trove of delights and terrors for any experimental producer, beatmaker or film composer. 

The plugin’s radically transformative processed signal and in-built controls take the organic sounds to new sonic realms to create complex otherworldly synth textures, rhythms and sound effects beyond your wildest dreams — designed to inspire and breathe new life into your compositions.

Expand your sound palette with 49 original presets, bursting with invention — ideal for creating cinematic trailer music and non-diegetic sound FX, particularly for horror or sci-fi, or adding texture, atmosphere and a distinctly human element to any genre of music. Xtended Vox captures the unique voices and sonic vocabularies of Lea Bertucci and three acclaimed vocal artists, stretching across varying generations and geographies and melding free improvisation with formalised composition. The original vocal recordings have been taken to new sonic dimensions using multiple outboard and digital processing techniques, accessible via the dynamics fader — cycle through layers of varying processing, each unique to each individual preset. The library encompasses the most radical and eccentric of vocal techniques, from visceral throat singing to alien nasal sounds; from the most fragile of whispers and birdsong-like whistles to lip trills, yodels, shrieks and ululations — pushing the boundaries of what can be done with contemporary voice. 

Features include:

  • Features experimental vocal techniques created by four avant-garde vocalists, warped using multiple outboard, tape and digital processing techniques
  • Designed for contemporary cinematic scoring and anyone looking to create interesting textures and atmospheres
  • The radically transformative processed signal allows you to cycle through different layers of processing and fade every texture into a new dimension
  • Presets
    • Audrey Chen
    • Cansu Tanrikulu (13)
    • Lea Bertucci
    • Phil Minton
  • Controls
    • Expression – Adjust the level of the technique
    • Dynamics – Move between layers of varying processing or dynamic layers, specific to each preset
    • Reverb – Choose between seven bespoke reverbs, from Kiln to Church Balcony
    • Start point — Move the dial to start at a random point within the performance – higher values increase the range of randomness. Useful for delving deeper into long samples or adding variation to repeated notes
    • Attack
    • Decay
    • Sustain
    • Release
  • Size ~2.5GB
  • NKS compatible

Xtended Vox is available to PC and Mac users via the dedicated Sputfire Audio plugin (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information the Lea Bertucci Xtended Vox Library, click here:

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