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volumeCTRL By AuDSPr Available To Pre-order

AuDSPr have announced the availability of the volumeCTRL pre-order, available for only $2.99, increasing by 40% upon its release on December 18th.

volumeCTRL is a simple utility that works alongside your iPhone/iPad’s built-in volume controls to give you precise control over its level. It is designed for anyone who needs or wants tighter, repeatable control over volume level.

volumeCTRL lets you set the volume level using either Percent or dBFS (decibels from Full Scale). You can key in exact values with a handy on-screen keypad. Fine tune your setting using buttons which change the value in small steps. Dim or Mute the sound when you get interrupted temporarily.

volumeCTRL is the perfect iPad Split View companion for your favorite music app, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Qobuz, TIDAL Music, or Pandora.

If you’re picky about exactly how loud your device audio is, volumeCTRL is the right app for you.

Features include:

  • volumeCTRL lets you set your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch volume precisely
  • Selectable Units: Percent (%) or Decibels from Full Scale (dBFS)
  • Virtual Keypad allows you to key in exact values
  • Volume Up/Down Buttons let you change the volume in fine-grained 0.5 % or about 0.5 dB steps
  • Dim and Mute Buttons let you temporarily lower the volume and easily get back to your previous level
  • Dim lowers the volume by a fixed amount (18 dB)
  • Mute silences the audio completely
  • volumeCTRL peacefully coexists with the device’s built-in volume controls — use either and the other follows seamlessly
  • Supports both Dark and Light Mode Appearances

Typical applications:

  • Setting impactful yet safe listening levels when using headphones or in-ear monitors
  • Setting repeatable reference volumes for studio control rooms or audiophile listening rooms
  • Setting precise levels for hearing aid intelligibility

For more information volumeCTRL, click here:

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