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MagicDelay – Coming Soon To IOS!!

GS DSP will soon be releasing what I can only describe is a delay gone deep. MagicDelay is already available as a desktop plugin and will soon be available to grace iPads and iPhones. There’s no confirmed information on availability or pricing however I’ve been lead to believe it should be available within the next or two.

MagicDelay is a multi-curve spectral delay with a built-in modulation system. Easily and quickly create separate delay times per frequency, or ranges of frequencies. Mix them, modulate them, spread them, run wild, and create original beautiful delays to enrich your sounds.

MagicDelay is great at reproducing ‘standard’ delay effects however delving deeper into its parameters opens up a whole new world of delays coupled with modulation – sound design paradise!!

Click here to view a demo going through the presets using a simple 909 drum beat. NOTE: keep your device fairly volume low whilst watching the demo.

MagicDelay is currently available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX) and when launched, an AUv3 version for iPhone and iPad users.

For more information on the desktop version and other GS DSP products, click here:

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