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There’s 79% Off Cinematic Guitars Motion By Sample Logic

Audio Plugin Deals are offering a 79% off Cinematic Guitars Motion by Sample Logic for a limited time, now available for only $74.99, (usually $349.00).

Made entirely from guitars recorded by guitar impresario Steve Ouimette, CG MOTION includes 864 sampled instruments and presets, with 33 GB of inspiring audio (over 33,000 samples).

CG MOTION incorporates Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression to cram in tons of content. Think you know guitar libraries? Think again, as CG MOTION is entirely different to a traditional multi-sampled guitar library.

It goes far beyond the status quo, with every preset meticulously layered and infused with motion and hybrid FX, resulting in a cinematic sound that blurs the line between music and sound design.

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Steve Ouimette was the audio sherpa on this axe-venture. Reaching into the depths of his extensive knowledge and adventurous playing styles, Steve was able to capture an incredible range of guitars and other string exotics. These range in scope from standard acoustic / electric guitars and basses to more unique sounding string instruments such as; Ouija Board and Cigar Box Guitar, Baritone, Ukuleles, Puerto Rican Cuatro, Marx-O-Chime, Dobrotron, Purgatory Hill Harp, Ebow…and many more. From these magical recording sessions, Sample Logic have morphed and sculpted these amazing samples into wide range of organic-acoustic and electrified multi-sampled instruments, resulting in breathtaking cinematic guitars right at your fingertips.

The library has been named “Motion” for a very good reason. Each instruments has been infused with an array of sonic movement through sampling techniques, user interface effects and UI performance animation through automation, oscillators and arpeggiators. With so many avenues to be explored once you start adding movement to guitar samples, it is imperative to have an intuitive UI design the provides a a straightforward approach to preset performance while allowing for a deep dive into total customization. This begins with a dynamic preset browsing system and an easy to manage interface compartmentalized into 4 main sections: CORE, STEP, EFFECT & MASTER

Cinematic Guitars Motion requires a full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

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