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Coming Soon!! mKer MIDI Step Sequencer

Achilleas Sourlas, the creator of LoAdKer and the more recent super cool mLFO will soon be releasing mKer, a versatile, multi-output MIDI step sequencer with an extensive range of features. There’s no information about pricing and availability.

The features include:

  • 8 MIDI outputs
  • 64 Patterns
  • 16 Lanes (aka tracks) per Pattern
  • Independent number of Steps (1-20) and Step Size (1/64-256 beats) per Lane per Pattern
  • Lane Step parameters: Play Cycles, Skip Cycles, Play Offset Cycles, Pitch, Velocity, Probability, Delay (swing) and Step Duration Percentage
  • A flexible Editor that includes two view modes (full/compact), step entry keyboard, parameter sliders and a variety of options and utilities designed for to make the workflow intuitive and fast
  • 32 Clips with 1-8 Steps per Clip
  • Flexible Clip Steps: Each Clip Step is assigned a Pattern and a number of repeats, 1-128, leading to a range from 1 Pattern x 1 repeat to 8 Patterns x 128 repeats per Clip
  • 3 Play Modes: Pattern, Clip, Clip Range
  • A Performance Scene with 10 fully assignable MIDI sliders, a 12-snapshot bank and a real-time keyboard
  • Plus more!

For more information on Achilleas Sourlas apps, click here:

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