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The New T-Compressor M By Techivation Available For A Limited Time

Techivation have released T-Compressor M, a beefed up version of their T-Compressor which adds extra control over the compression settings for a more precise sound. It’s available for $78.00 and you’ll receive a FREE copy of T-Compressor with your purchase. T-Cmpressor M will only be available until December 31st after which it will be removed from the Techivation store.

The T-Compressor M gives you complete control, offering fully adjustable attack, release, ratio, and knee controls. At the same time, it has the threshold as the central knob, like our most popular plug-in, the T-De-Esser, and the input and output faders on the left and right side of the user interface.

Add up to 3 compressor instances in the same plug-in unit and have full control over 3 of them on a single plug-in user interface! You can choose through them like a web browser and quickly make adjustments.

Enhance your creativity with serial compression processing. Apply a gentle amount of clean compression, add some of the “Warm” flavors, and add a dash of “Crispy”at the end and go through parallel mixing, and so much more…

Features include:

  • Four compression modes
  • Serial compression
  • Digital graph visualizer
  • VU meter
  • SC-HP
  • Smart auto-gain
  • Global presets
  • Individual presets
  • Dry/wet mix
  • Oversampling up to 4X
  • Scalable graphic user interface
  • Undo/redo options
  • A/B Switch
  • Attack/Release/Knee/Ratio

T-Compressor M is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on T-Compressor M, click here: 

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