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AmpliTube Gets TONEX Stomp: Free Update Adds pedal Tone Models

IK Multimedia has updated all versions of AmpliTube 5 which now lets you insert your TONEX Stomp Tone Models within AmpliTube to create signature signal chains. This means you can enjoy the Premium Stomp Tone Models included with TONEX, the ones you capture using TONEX software and your favorite ToneNET Stomp Tone Models, all within AmpliTube 5. The AmpliTube 5 update is available as a FREE download.

TONEX Stomp works just like other AmpliTube gear. As with the TONEX Amp, TONEX Stomp appears as a pedal type in AmpliTube. View this video for full details.

More on AmpliTube 5

Nearly 20 years ago, AmpliTube pioneered single component modeling technology, going beyond the “black-box-modeling” approach of electronics. Today, IK Multimedia leads the industry by offering players a complete solution for creating the perfect signal chain. From your fingers to your audience, when it comes to achieving sonic nirvana, no other modeling technology can match AmpliTube 5.

Analog circuits, especially tube and class-A discrete ones, are not dynamically linear, but have been modeled this way by most companies. So when IK debuted our revolutionary Dynamic Saturation Modeling technology over 10 years ago, it delivered a massive improvement in response and playability and cemented AmpliTube as the leader in realism and accuracy.

Now IK’s Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ technology goes even further. Modeling the interactions and influence that each component has within the system and all of the variables that affect it.

In essence, IK’s new approach produces the EXACT behavior of the entire system in a non-linear and completely dynamic way.

What this means to you is pure authentic amp tone as you’d expect it in the physical world — a sound and feel so true you won’t believe your ears… or your fingers!

To capture the cabinets of AmpliTube with the same degree of realism and accuracy as the stomps and amps, IK developed our Volumetric Impulse Response technology.

Instead of using just a single or handful of impulse responses, VIR™ technology captures over 600 impulses per speaker (up 2,400 per cabinet), letting you freely move microphones around in 3 dimensions without sacrificing realism or tone.

VIR™ also captures the interaction of nearby speakers in a multi-speaker cabinet, along with floor reflections and interaction, for an experience that’s virtually indistinguishable from mic’ing a real cabinet. This is a massive leap forward in AmpliTube 5.

Lastly, IK’s approach to creating hyper-realistic models of gear is firmly rooted in the finest Italian craftsmanship tradition. We don’t simply look at schematics and listen to sound samples like other companies. Not only do we acquire the real units, painstakingly searching for the best specimen of its kind, but we always approach any new piece of gear as a unique modeling project.

From a thorough and detailed analysis of the circuit to hours of A/B sound testing, our process delivers true-to-the-original sound every time.

AmpliTube 5 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

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