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Michal Machura Releases Sqsl Latch For IPad Users

Michal Machura has released sqsl Latch, a conceptual MIDI controller and sequencer designed for working with drone, textural or soundscape synthesizer patches. It can send out MIDI notes, pitch bend and CC values. It’s available for $19.99.

There are 16 groups split into 2 banks (a, b, c, … p). Groups have assignable MIDI channel, color and 8 Continuous Controllers (CC).

When user touches one of the pads, note is activated and is held on until new touch (on the same pad) is registered. Left slider controls the velocity of note to be activated.

Every group has a looper able to record note state changes. Order and velocity of recorded notes is automatically shuffled after loop restarts (can be prevented by activating group’s LOCK button). Loop playback speed is adjustable (CLOCK parameter).

Group parameters (CC values, pitch bend, CLOCK and RATE) can be adjusted using sliders or modulated by internal randomiser with adjustable range (RANGE parameter) and speed (LAG control – left-most slider).

LAG can be applied to parameter changes – when new value is selected, change does not happen immediately but value is transitioned smoothly based on LAG time (left-most slider).

Setup setting (CC numbers, channels, colors, scale, root and MIDI output) are saved and recalled when app is restarted. Loops are not saved.

For more information on sqsl Latch, click here: 

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