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APD Are Offering 71% Off Phoenix: Mirage By Frozen Plain

Audio Plugin Deals are offering a whopping 71% off Phoenix: Mirage by Frozen Plain for a limited time, now available for only $9.99, (usually $35.00).

Bring new lush atmospheric dimensions to your productions with Phoenix, an instrument based on a set of smooth synthetic strings and choir samples.

It’s perfect for creating wide strings backdrops and ethereal choirs instantly. Phoenix is powered by Frozen Plain’s sample-based-synthesis engine VST/AU, Mirage (included free).

This flexible engine allows you to process the ‘oscillators’ in three separate audio layers, with envelopes, LFOs, filters, and a whole rack of effects.

The core sounds of this library are six synthetic strings and choirs instruments. These sounds are useful even before processing. Ethereal choirs and lush string pads can be made instantly. However, the three-layer structure of Mirage allows you to take these sounds even further. Complimentary sounds can be layered together and modulated with LFOs and filters, and reverbs can be applied. Using these features, it is easy to create rich textures and soundscapes with movement. But this is by no means the extent of Phoenix’s capabilities.

Keys and bass sounds can also be produced. In the included presets you will find many examples of these types of sounds such as low rumbles, plucky staccatos and clean subs. Phoenix also works excellently when layered with real instruments. The smoothness of the sounds of this product gell superbly with them, enhancing their richness and width.

A free VST/AU control-hub for FrozenPlain sounds. Mirage is a sample-based-synthesis that comes free with any powered-by-Mirage product. It’s the control hub for FrozenPlain’s new sounds, offering a powerful set of parameters and effects for rapid, flexible sound design, no matter what the sound source is.

Once it’s opened up in your DAW, you’ll see all of your powered-by-Mirage products ready to click on and use instantly. There’s no subscription or log-in procedure, just instant access to the sounds and presets.

Another possible use for Phoenix might be in an ambient track. A preset like Smoothest Pad might be used to play wide-spanning chords, gently transitioning into each other in the background. A Keys preset like Melody Drops could be used on top of this for a distant emotive sounding melody. A Bass preset such as Sub Bass Repeater could be used to fill out the low end, and give drive to the track with its pulsing pattern.

A third possibility might be in a track outside of the ambient or cinematic genres. Phoenix can be used to add character to your electronic/rock/hip hop track. It can be used as something to bring depth to the background or to layer up with your real performances. The various strings presets of Phoenix, in particular, might be useful in these situations. These synthetic strings have a smooth organic sound to them, similar to their real counterparts, but with a softer character. Phoenix might also be useful in writing a breakdown in a track – add atmosphere and a sense of open space – before bringing back the drive of your track.

Features include:

  • ~70MB file download
  • Smooth Synth Strings and Choirs
  • 3 layer synth engine, including filters, LFO, EQ.
  • Rack of effects
  • 80 presets, saved as separate mirage-phoenix files
  • Mirage sample-based synthesis engine included
  • Phoenix Mirage library (closed format mdata file) which features six multi-sampled instruments

Phoenix: Mirage is available to PC and Mac users (VST and AU).

For more information on the Phoenix: Mirage, click here:

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