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A Whole Heap Of Additions & Fixes For MOK Waverazor & Discounted

MOK Waverazor has just been updated to version 2.7 which introduces a whole heaps of new additions and fixes. Plugin Boutique are offering a deal on MOK Waverazor, now only £69.97 / $84.15 (usually £139.96 / $168.33).

Whats new in 2.7


  • Patch Browser with tagging and favourites
  • Dual Stereo input for Application
  • Side-Chain input for Plugin
  • ARC Bus for audio rate modulation
  • VST3 Support for Linux
  • Unison voice mode
  • Ringside Filter for use with ARC Bus
  • Audio rate features in LFO for ARC Bus
  • LFO modes and enhancements
  • LFO Rate Target for Modulation
  • Key Triggering Modes for Effects
  • Portamento additional Slope Outputsnew: Static ON source in Matrix
  • Envelope Release Hold
  • Reverb Pre-Delay sync to Tempo
  • Saturator has even more Drive
  • More patches in Factory bank
  • More patches in M.Hoffmann bank
  • Better UI for Offline Unlock operation
  • Brighter default color theme (Razorlight)
  • Many new themes
  • Ukrainian language support
  • Luxembourgish language support
  • Korean language updates (Sangig Yeo)
  • Window size reset available from Help menu


  • DAW instance settings aren’t reloading in plugin
  • Standalone, MIDI Controller not detected when plugged in
  • Standalone, Audio Device not detected when plugged in
  • Plugin Registration is clearer
  • Decimator works wrong in Stereo slots
  • Pitch bend mod source only modulates upward
  • Bug in 2 Pole SV – LP MIX mode
  • Bug in the Poly voice count limiting
  • Fonts are messed up in some languages
  • Screen keyboard resizing incorrectly
  • Crash bug with Phaser
  • A pile of UI improvements and fixes
  • Misc minor bug fixes

Unleash your dark side with Waverazor — a futuristic synth that gives you the power to splice waveforms into aggressive new sounds. The patented oscillator design utilizes a new form of synthesis to produce biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads and everything in between.

Twist and torture every parameter of sound using a central oscilloscope for precise waveform creation. Morph multiple parameters at once using an array of performance controllers. The collection of included presets provides a launchpad into endless sonic exploration.

Waverazor now features 50 patches from sound designer extraordinaire, Richard Devine. Known for his innovative ambisonic audio work on Google’s DayDream VR platform, and for giving a voice to Jaguar’s electric I-PACE car, Richard’s signature sound bank takes Waverazor in bold new directions.

The Waverazor 2.0 Editor version is here, featuring an innovative new contextual editing system that easily manages the power of thousands of parameters by only displaying what you need when you need it. Focus on any synthesis module for editing and everything that is linked to it will be shown automatically. This allows you to quickly navigate through the entire synth and craft the connections that bring Waverazor’s unique sounds to life.

Waverazor’s patented oscillator technology slices familiar waveforms and recombines them to create tormented futuristic sounds. Start with a radical multi-shape waveform, then mangle the sound beyond recognition by tweaking an array of parameters including tuning, level, phase, and DC offset per segment.

Each waveform segment can have different harmonic content, with individual harmonics subject to amplitude modulation at a rate and level determined by the contents of each fraction. Instead of simply modulating the entire waveform on and off like traditional ring mod, the oscillator modulates harmonics to different levels in a sequenced pattern.

Since each wave cycle is divided into fractional splices, and phase reset is controlled per segment, multiple simultaneous hard sync points can be set up per cycle and even beyond a single cycle. With Multi-Sync engaged, modulating individual wave fractions to different frequencies creates a complex new harmonically rich version of a classic synthesis technique.

The Waverazor interface offers a unique approach to sound design, with a central oscilloscope that enables precise waveform creation. Two X/Y performance controllers modulate a combination of slice parameters, while additional knobs and buttons make it possible to morph multiple parameters at once.

MOK is on a mission to unveil new, never-before-heard sounds. The company was founded by Rob Rampley, Taiho Yamada and Chris Compton—the designers behind acclaimed synthesizers including the Quadrasynth, QS Series, Andromeda, Ion, Micron, Fusion, Venom, BioTek and more.

MOK debuted Waverazor at Winter NAMM 2017 in partnership with Tracktion Corporation. Tracktion’s new “Tracktion Presents” initiative provides exclusive global marketing and distribution services for promising audio technology startups. For more information on this program, contact Tracktion support.

Features include:

  • Patented oscillator design dynamically slices and recombines waveforms
  • Up to three oscillators and three filters per voice
  • Built-in oscilloscope enables precise waveform creation
  • Two X/Y performance controllers and one X/Y wave segment control
  • Nine performance knobs and three performance buttons

MOK Waverazor is available to PC, Mac and Linux users (VST2, AU and AAX).

For more information on MOK Waverazor, click here:

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