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Mela 3 & NFM By Nikolozi Meladze Are On Offer

Nikolozi has reduced the price if Mela 3 and NFM for a limited time. Mela 3 is now only $9.99, (usually $19.99). NFM is now only $4.99, (usually $9.99).

Mela 3

Mela now comes with 10 MIDI modules, including the Random module that can modulate any parameter in Mela MIDI.

Mela is an intuitive virtual analog synthesiser and multi-effects processor with a streamlined interface. It can be loaded either as an instrument, audio effect or a MIDI processor plugin inside a host application such as AUM, BeatMaker, Cubasis, GarageBand, Ableton Live or Logic Pro.

If you begin working on a track in GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad, and later open the project in Logic Pro on your Mac, then all instances of Mela, Mela FX and Mela MIDI plugins will load just as you left them on your iOS device


NFM is an intuitive FM synthesizer with a streamlined interface. It works as an Audio Unit extension (AUv3) inside a host application such as AUM, Auria Pro, Cubasis, GarageBand and NanoStudio.

Features include:

  • Six stereo operators
  • Fully customisable FM algorithm
  • Oscillators: sinusoid, noise, fixed frequency
  • Envelopes with adjustable level, time and curve parameters
  • Operator amplitude can be modulated by the stereo LFO, key or velocity
  • Pitch envelope, vibrato
  • Build-in effects: distortion, delay, flanger
  • Voice modes: monophonic, polyphonic, legato, glide
  • Preset management inside the app
  • Numeric pad for entering exact parameter values

For more information on both synths, click here:

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