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Plugin Boutique Offer A Whoppjng 87% Off The SSL Native X-Saturator

Plugin Boutique are offering 87% off the SSL Native X-Saturator by Solid State Logic for a limited time, now only £14.95 / $18.04, (usually £119.00 / $143.59). The offer ends January 4th.

Saturation is a mix engineer’s secret weapon. Add a little to a vocal, and it pops right out of a mix. Sprinkle some on a snare, and suddenly it’s cracky and full of life. Pile it on drum overheads for an aggressive sound that will grab your listeners by their ears. X-Saturator tackles all these tasks and more with aplomb.

Choose from second-order valve-style distortion, third-order transistor distortion, or blend the two for a perfect combination of tube warmth and transistor iron. Use X-Saturator with a light touch or drive it into grotesque, mangled distortion, which can be tucked back with the Shape control or folded underneath a mix with the Wet/Dry knob. Creamy and warm or biting and fierce, you’ve never heard a saturation plug-in quite like the SSL X-Saturator.

Features include:

  • Saturation plug-in with a huge range of distortion characteristics
  • Adds pleasing analog-style even- and odd-order harmonics
  • Choose from valve saturation or transistor saturation or blend the two
  • Control the edge of the distortion, ranging from smooth to hard
  • Wet/Dry knob for processing in parallel

The Native X-Saturator is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AXX).

For more information on the Native X-Saturator, click here: 

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