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There’s 66% Off The NI Play Bundle – EXCLUSIVE OFFER!!

Plugin Boutique are offering 66% off the Native Instruments Play Bundle in this exclusive limited time offer, now only £49.00 / $59.12, (usually £147.00 / $177.37). The offer ends January 8th.

When inspiration strikes, just play. The Play Series instruments put outstanding sound quality in an easy-to-use package. Each has a distinctive sound and character, offering a comprehensive selection of carefully designed presets and focused controls for modifying them. Whether you’re new to production or a seasoned pro, the Play Series can inspire your tracks.


Stacks is an instrument that offers contemporary crate digging textures.

  • Dusty textures and organic blends from the sample-drenched soul of cult underground hip hop
  • Over 150 presets of loose leads, off-kilter keys and organs, live bass, horns, strings, and vintage synths
  • Sounds sampled and resampled using original hardware and effects, plus tried-and-tested signal chains and techniques

Crates of wax, dusty sleeves, and sampled beats: STACKS packs the building blocks of 2000s-era, sample-heavy hip hop into a Play Series instrument full of leads, strings, horns, bass, and sounds influenced by crate digging dedication. Dive deep into the same sounds you’d hear on old-school gems – electric keys, organs, glocks, strings, horns, live bass, and beyond – resampled and processed using tape decks and hardware until they hit the spot. Think collages of funk fused with lo-fi soul, pop lines, and organic left-field bass built for the art of beatmaking.

Soul Sessions

Soul Sessions is an instruments that offers decades of soul sound.

  • Keys, live guitar, bass, sax, trumpets, vintage synths, and more inspired by the evolution of soul music
  • 150 tweakable presets of hybrid sounds for creating soul-drenched melodics and bass
  • Pop the hood to sculpt tones, create new hybrid layers, and shape your sounds with powerful effects, custom macros, sequencing tools, and more

Funky, swinging, smooth, low-strung – soul isn’t so much a genre as a feeling! SOUL SESSIONS combines 50 years of signature soul sounds into a hybrid instrument that can do everything from 60s-style dusky horns, to 70s-era bass plucks and buttery organ keys, to the versatile synths stylings of the 80s, and the smoother-than-smooth production aesthetic of 90s neo-soul. Soften up harder beats with a little R&B mood-making, give contemporary jazz and soul a hybrid sound-design edge, or bring loose, laid-back organic tones to left-field electronic productions.

SOUL SESSIONS was created in collaboration with MSXII.

Ignition Keys

Ignition Keys is the next-gen hitmaker keys instrument.

  • Warm, lush, on-trend keys for stellar pop productions
  • Over 150 retro-style presets, including pianos, organs, synth leads and hybrid pads
  • Take the sounds into the future with a range of creative effects and macros

Make pop productions shine with IGNITION KEYS – a range of sparkling keys, tailor-made for rising stars. Recorded with vintage instruments and state-of-the-art gear, the preset sounds of IGNITION KEYS range from dreamy hybrid vocal pads to metallic plucks and gleaming, resonant synth leads. And you can dial in a super-phat, modern edge with easy-to-use modulation effects like tape wobble and lofi bitcrushing goodness, for huge, soaring pop hooks.

The Play Bundle requires a free or full version of Kontakt 6.4.2 or later.

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