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New Path – 2D Music Sequencer Is On Offer

New Path – 2D Music Sequencer by The Zooo has been reduced in price for a limited time, now only $1.99, (usually $6.99).

Create surprising rhythms and harmonies by having colored shapes follow arrows on a two-dimensional grid.

New Path is a unique and playful tool that drastically changes the way you make music. Pick an instrument for each square or triangle (shapes) and let them walk around. Rotate the arrows to alter their paths. Now choose from an exotic list of arrow types to spice things up.

Shapes also have a mind of their own. By using crossroads and teleports they will have to decide for themselves which direction to take. This phenomenon will give you endless surprising results, but you’ll be able to keep full control by adjusting each crossroad/teleport bias.

  • Use the factory sets to play around and have lots of fun instantly! Or,
  • Create your own sets with the many features available!

Each arrow contains adjustable values such as pitch, note duration, volume, etc, while shapes can interpret these values in their own way. For instance, a shape can add an octave to each pitch it comes across, so it will play all the notes one octave higher.

Use delay and reverb to add flavor, use the advanced preset and generator systems to save and modify the grid, use the rules system to determine what should happen when two shapes meet, and much more.

New Path is also able to communicate with other hard- & software. With the MIDI out feature, New Path can control for example your hardware synthesizers. Use the Ableton Link feature to sync Link-enabled devices and play together with your friends. And finally, the Audiobus integration lets you send both audio and MIDI to other apps on your device (You will need the Audiobus app).

Features include:

  • A well thought out interface designed for both fast editing and playing live on-stage
  • Have surprising results with exotic arrow types such as crossroads and teleports
  • 70+ instruments such as Drums, Bass, Plucked, Synths, Acoustic, and Fx
  • Midi editor with a scales system
  • Many useful shape settings such as: Attack, Release, Note Value Multiplier to make non-western rhythms, etc
  • A preset system to instantly save and recall grid and shape settings
  • An advanced grid generator/modulator
  • A system of “If-Then” rules to trigger actions when shapes meet each other
  • A mixer with Delay and Reverb
  • 5×5 Arrow Cells with data such as: velocity, note duration, note value, repeat chance, crossroad chance, CC out, and much more…
  • 9 Tutorials with example sets to get you started
  • AUv3 support via an in-app purchase

For more information and to download New Path, click here:

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