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MultitrackStudio By Bremmers Audio Updated

Bremmers Audio Design have updated the desktop version of MultitrackStudio to version 10.5.1 which introduces a number of improvements and fixes.

What’s new in 10.5.1

  • EQ: preset menu items show a small version of the curve you see in the EQ window.
  • Note Velocity Editor: with the Drum editor you can now make just a single instrument appear in the Note Velocity Editor by clicking an instrument name on the left (so it’s highlighted).
  • Grid bars (above the editors) now show marker names instead of just a triangle.
  • Sampler: importing .exs files works significantly better. On Mac .caf files are now supported, including consolidated ones.
  • Remote Control: MIDI device selectors are now in the Remote Control window itself.
  • CLAP plugins: supports a few new draft extensions.
  • “One man band” home recording, adding tracks one at a time.
  • Live multitrack recording, recording all tracks simultaneously.

MultitrackStudio is an Audio/MIDI multitrack recording software for Windows and Mac. It turns your computer into a digital multitrack music recording studio.

Audio Recording

Audio tracks can be recorded while playing along with previously recorded ones.

MIDI Recording

MIDI tracks can be recorded using a MIDI keyboard. You can also use the computer keyboard or even a touchscreen.
Instrument sounds can be generated by the General MIDI compatible MultitrackStudio Instruments or external MIDI hardware like a keyboard. AU / CLAP / LV2 / VSTi Instrument plugins can be used as well.


Both audio and MIDI tracks can be edited to get rid of any mistakes. The MIDI editing features include pianoroll, notation, drum and pattern editing.


The powerful mixer structure includes an unlimited number of Effect Return and Group sections, numerous built-in high quality effects and AU / CLAP / LV2 / VST plugin support. The Pro edition features automation and powerful sidechaining options.


Finally you can mix all tracks down to a single audio file. You can import this file in your CD-writer software and burn your music to CD.

Easy to use

MultitrackStudio proves that multitrack recording using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) can be as easy as tape-based recording. Its well thought out design makes it easy to use, and yet powerful.
If you like singing and playing your instruments better than trying to figure out some complicated piece of software you’ll feel right at home recording in MultitrackStudio!

Which version is for me?

The desktop version of MultitrackStudio is available in three versions (Lite (free), Standard and Pro).

The benefits of the Standard Version compared to Lite Edition are:

The benefits of the Pro Version over the Standard Edition are:

  • Automation
    • All faders and rotary knobs can be automated.
  • External Sidechaining
    • “Ducking” and more.
  • Multichannel Audio Recording
    • Record more than two channels simultaneously. Up to 140 channels can be recorded at the same time, sound device allowing of course.
  • High bitdepth audio files
    • Get the best sound quality your sound device allows for by using 24/32 or 32 bit floating point audio files.
  • High sample rates
    • If you don’t want to compromise on sound quality you can record at 88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz.
  • Multitrack Editor
    • Edit multiple tracks simultaneously.
  • VariSpeed
    • Record that piano or harp which isn’t in tune with the song.
  • Vintage Reverbs
    • Plate and spring reverb IRs to be used with the Convolutor effect.
  • More:
    • Route Tracks, Groups and Effect Returns to sound device outputs
    • Up to 4 MIDI In/Out Devices (lower editions have 1 in and 2 out only)
    • “Export tracks as audio files” tool
    • Multiband Compressor and Mid/Side Effect
    • Song Templates

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