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SAGA SYNTH – Coming Soon From AudioKit Pro

Old school gaming fans and synth users, this Analog Matthew, Brian Funk and Cem Olcay collab has you covered!! SAGA SYNTH will be available at the intro price of $2.99, increasing to $14.99 and will be available from January 5th, ending January 31st.

SAGA SYNTH was created using 5 different vintage hardware YM2616 sound chips for the greatest collection of 16-bit sounds ever produced. SAGA SYNTH also includes samples from the first-edition MEGAfm hardware synthesizer.

It will arrive with presets by Electronisounds, MobyPixel, Red Sky Lullaby, AnalogMatthew, The GarageBand Guide, Sounds of Israel, Marc Hupkens and more.

SAGA SYNTH will be available to iPhone and iPad users as an AUv3.

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