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Join The MIDImorphosis 2 IOS Public Beta

Secret Base Design will soon be releasing MIDImorphosis 2, an app that will turn your guitar in to a MIDI controller.

In the meantime, feel free to join the public beta and take MIDImorphosis 2 for a spin. Please report any bugs, issues and recommendations to Secret Base Design as your feedback counts.

The beta is iPad and iPhone compatible.

More about MIDImorphosis

Create tabs and play MIDI synthesizers, all with an ordinary guitar or bass. Rapid Tab has an advanced tab editor, and exports MIDI, MusicXML, and PDF.

The latest iPhones and iPads are fast enough to detect pitch quickly; it’s why so many guitarists use tuner apps on their phones. Rapid Tab takes things to the next level; using an advanced Fourier Transform analysis, coupled with harmonic sequence analysis, the app can determine the pitch of any note quickly and accurately.

The fast pitch detection is combined with a full featured tablature editor; use your guitar or bass to jot down the notes from a solo you’re figuring out, or a riff you came up with. You can keep your hands on the instrument and just play, instead of searching for a pencil and paper. The app is fast enough to transcribe in real time, as long as you’re not shredding like Yngwie Malmsteen. Sorry, Yngwie.

With any pitch-to-MIDI system, there is a bit of latency, and some glitches in the note detection. To get a perfectly timed take, with rapid fire notes, transcribe by playing slowly and cleanly, then clean up any errors with the tab editor. Rapid Tab features an innovative tap-to-play approach, which can play back the notes in your tab as fast as you can tap the on-screen button. Unlike conventional guitar MIDI controllers, where you’re limited to soft ambient pads to back your notes — you can use the playback feature to get precisely timed notes with sharp attacks. Tap away, Yngwie.

Rapid Tab has full MIDI support; you can use the app as a MIDI controller. There’s also a built-in SoundFont synthesizer, with hundreds of tones to choose from.

The app will export to PDF, MIDI, and MusicXML. You can import your transcriptions into Logic Pro, Reaper, GuitarPro, and hundreds of other DAWs and sequencers.

More details and demonstration videos are available at

To join the public beta, click here: 

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